Privacy Policy

1. Your Rights

Abey Australia Pty Ltd complies with the provisions of the Privacy Amendment, (Private Sector) Act 2001 (The Act) that regulates collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information and sensitive information, and ensures that you are given certain rights in respect of the information.

Abey Australia has adopted the National Privacy Principles set out in Schedule 3 of The Act – a copy which is available on request – and operate in accordance with those principles.

2. Collection of personal information

Abey Australia Pty Ltd cheifly obtains personal information from you as an applicant for trading account and/or an employee for payroll, superannuation and medical information, contractors and/or as an applicant for employment with Abey Australia.

3. Purpose

All such information will, or may be used for any or all of the following purposes:

4. Your Consent

Unless you advise otherwise, in supplying personal information, you hereby agree to any or all of the above uses of your personal information that you supply to Abey Australia Pty Ltd. You also hereby agree to similar use of other personal information that we may obtain about you from other sources mentioned above.

Subject to the Privacy Act, if we acquire any of your personal information in other ways, or if we use personal information for purposes other than those listed above (or other than purposes reasonably related to, or reasonably implied from those) we will notify you and seek your consent. Whenever reasonably practical we will seek such consent in advance of, but in any case as soon as practical after such an event.

When Abey Australia collects personal information from you, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of:

5. Records containing personal information

The Privacy Act allows you to access and – if appropriate – to correct or to update our records containing personal information relating to you.

Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, on request we will arrange access for you to inspect your personal information held by Abey Australia Pty Ltd if following such inspection you wish to update or correct any item or items of your personal information arrangements will be made for you to apply for such an update or correction.

The information will be updated or corrected – as the case may be – if we are satisfied, on reasonable grounds that this is correct and justified.

In circumstances where Abey Australia do not provide you with access or an ability to correct or update your records, reasons for this decision will be given to you in writing.

6. Disclosure

Abey Australia Pty Ltd will not disclose your personal information to third parties except with your consent or in other circumstances where such disclosure is permitted, under the Privacy Act or required by law.

7. Information storage and security

Abey Australia will take reasonable safegaurds to ensure that records held by us, which contain your personal information, are protected against loss, against unauthorized access disclouse use or modification, and against other misuse. We will also do everything reasonably within our power to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of any personal information contained in any record that we may need to give to any third party.

8. Accountability and feedback

You can obtain more information about your rights and about remedies of any breaches from the Privacy Commissioner on Hotline 1800 023 985.

We welcome any feedback you may care to provide concerning our privacy policies or practices. Our address is 57-81 Abey Road, Melton, Vic, 3337 or our postal address is PO Box 985, Melton, Vic, 3337.

You can also contact us by telephone : (03) 9747 7777 or Fax (03) 9747 7700.