Abey’s Montego Sinks

Designed and manufactured to the world’s highest quality specifications, Abey’s Kitchen Collection offers inspirational, stylish and timeless products, whilst bringing the latest in design and technology to Australia from around the world. This can be seen across their wide range of mixers, taps and sinks, all of which look to offer the perfect final kitchen landscape for any individual. 

One product that showcases this high-end craftsmanship are the Abey Montego Sinks. The sinks utilise high quality SUS304 stainless steel alongside industry best practices to create three bespoke options to fit in with any individual requirements a user has. The material makes them very easy to clean and means that odours and bacteria can be easily taken care of with a wipe of a cloth, compared to other more absorbent surfaces. Each of the sinks also come with accompanying accessories including a cutting board and drainer tray, as well as a host of other optional add-ons to maximise functionality. 

These stainless steel kitchen sinks are available in single, double and large, with an accompanying three quarter bowl. Each of the sinks are available in an inset, undermount and flush-mount installation options and utilise a microfibre surface finish which allows for a modern sleek look to be achieved. Due to their design, these sinks can effectively compliment a wide range of different tapware and kitchen settings depending on the overall theme of the space. For instance, a black tap with the sink can help to accentuate a modern look in the space. Whereas a stainless steel tap and sink combination can be more subtle and helps to highlight other centerpieces throughout the kitchen.

Abey has always prided itself on its high attention to detail and durability. All of their Montego stainless steel sinks are fabricated through labour intensive/hands on cutting, folding and welding a single piece of stainless steel into the single sink design. In addition they are built with thicker steel compared to competitors and each stainless steel sink comes with a 25 year warranty. Making sure that Abey Montego sinks offer an effective combination of both style and long product life.

For individuals who aren’t entirely sure on the right combination for their kitchen sinks and tapware. Abey also offers several different tapware and montego sink packages to allow for easy matches that can fit to any user preference. Equally, Abey’s selection galleries across Australia provide an opportunity for examination of different tapware options, as well as the chance to see how specific taps look in an actual kitchen setting. To further explore the range and get expert advice on Montego sinks, head into an Abey selection gallery today.

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