Abey’s Top Luxury Sink Products For Your Home

Abey Sinks

For more than 60 years, Abey Australia has been synonymous with high quality and innovation. With selection galleries across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Abey has helped thousands of Australians to find the perfect sink to fit any living space. Abey’s high-end sink range stocks brands such as Schock, Barazza and Chambord, highlighting their focus on providing the very best luxury sink brands in the market.

Choosing The Right Sink

Unlike many other products found in the laundry, a sink is usually chosen with functionality in mind, rather than a purely aesthetic choice. There are many choices that can be looked at that mix a high level of usability, with easy integration into various environments. Two of the most common choices are stainless steel or tougher neutral materials, such as granite. Both of these types of materials offer a more subtle look and can be used to complement or blend in with surrounding pieces. It is also their ability to withstand a myriad of jobs in the laundry which makes them highly desirable for a wide range of different households. Let’s look at some of the luxury laundry sinks Abey Australia has to offer in these materials.

Abey abey-abey LT100 31 Litre Single Bowl Laundry Sinks

Abey Laundry LT100

A 25 mm radius bowl and a 31 litre capacity, this sink is perfect for individuals living in a smaller space. The LT100 provides all the benefits of high quality stainless steel in a compact design.

Abey abey-abey LT120 45 Litre Single Bowl Laundry Sinks

Abey Laundry LT120

Able to hold a generous 45 litres, Abey’s LT120 sink is available as an inset, flush mount or undermount. As the photo shows the high quality stainless steel and smooth design allows for easy integration to a variety of cabinetry and tapware.

Abey abey-abey The Latrobe LT70 Laundry Sinks

Abey The La Trobe LT70

For those who need a sink for large jobs such as cleaning pets or clothes. The Abey LT70 has a capacity of 70 litres and is made of Commercial Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel. The ultra modern design and minimal radius bowls allows for usage across a wide variety of laundry room styles.

Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Concrete Kitchen Sinks

Schock Laundry Virtus VN100XL

Made with Schock’s patented Cristalite, the Schock Laundry Virtus VN100XL offers a tough but easy to clean sink. Perfect as a functional or aesthetic piece, the strength, durability and stain resistance makes this a laundry sink that an individual can enjoy for many years to come.

Finding the perfect laundry sink involves taking numerous factors into consideration. Especially when looking at high quality luxury laundry sink brands these factors play an increasingly important role in determining feasibility between price and quality. It is recommended to always look to buy from experienced and reliable sellers who offer high transparency around materials, specifications and warranties. Ensuring the best quality sink, from a trusted source. Talk to one of the friendly team at Abey Australia today to find the perfect laundry sink for your home.

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