Abey’s Bathroom Designers & Trends


Abey Australia takes pride in mixing high-tier design with cutting edge innovation across their bathroom products. Bathroom trends have changed over the past 60 years of Abey’s operation. Not only have they remained up to date with the latest trends, they have ensured the best quality products are created. 

This has been achieved not only through working with trustworthy and reliable manufacturers, but partnering with some of the world’s most respected designers. Each of these designers bring their own experiences and styles to their range of bathroom products and allow for bespoke pieces that can fit into a variety of bathroom settings. Let’s find out more about some of the Abey’s bathroom designers.

Prospero Rasulo – Gessi

Italian born and raised, Prospero Rasulo is a designer and sculptor who has worked on a host of different products across the Gessi bathroom range. This collaboration has led to revolutionary lifestyle concepts and splendid designs, rendering Gessi a benchmark for the world’s most innovative and glamorous interior design elements and bathroom trends.

A graduate of the Milan Fine Arts Academy, his love of the arts had a large impact on his life. Setting up a studio in the city where he painted, sculpted and designed stage art designs. His love for the arts continued into his work with Studio Occhiomagico where he created video, photo and exhibit set designs. Prospero also participated in the Milan Triennale and established OXIDO, a design art and architecture gallery. All of these experiences have helped to mould the way he envisions designs and, uninterested in labels. Prospero looks to go where his creative mind takes him when creating a new bathroom product

David Rockwell – Gessi Inciso

David is the founder and president of the Rockwell Group, a 250-person award winning, multi-disciplinary architecture and design practice based out of New York City. The Rockwell group collaborated with Gessi on the firm’s first ever line of bathroom fittings and accessories. The Gessi Inciso bathroom range looked to wed modern style with heritage details and finishes that invite tactile discovery. Achieving an overall look that was calmly chic and warmingly inviting, Gessi leads the latest bathroom trends.

Born in the United States, David had grown up with a love of immersive environments. His mother was a vaudeville dance and choreographer, who often cast him in community productions. But one of the biggest influences on his life was his move at the age of 12 from New Jersey, USA to Guadalajara, Mexico. With this move he discovered a whole new world of culture and design, which mixed with his love of the theatre has continued to be two of his biggest inspirations today. The firm has also seen continued success working with Nobu restaurants, worldwide hotels and a host of Broadway productions. 

No two bathroom designers are the same, which is what makes each piece available at Abey Australia so unique. The experience and knowledge of the designers provides continuous reimagining of the bathroom landscape and in turn has given way to innovative products and bathroom trends that can satisfy a host of different spaces. To find out more about these various products and their unique designs, visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today. 

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