Abey’s Select Range Of Freestanding Baths

Abey Freestanding Baths

An age-old favourite, freestanding baths are the perfect fixture if you are looking to install a sense of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom. 

Abey Australia provides a wide selection of freestanding baths, with various designs and finishes to match any design aesthetic. While the high quality manufacturing ensures that these baths maintain their functionality for years to come. 

Bathtubs also add value to any bathroom, as they provide a wealth of uses for individuals regardless of their life stage. For younger families, they provide the perfect spot for bathing young children. While with older individuals they can be modified with non-slip mats and handrails to provide an easy to use washing facility. Whatever your wants or needs, Abey has something available for everyone. 

Gessi Bathtubs

Gessi has always strived to make everyday life more pleasant with bathroom tubs of extraordinary beauty and functionality. Gessi’s freestanding baths are the perfect example of this incorporating Italian beauty, design and lifestyle. 

Gessi cono Cono Freestanding Bath Freestanding Baths

Blending organic shapes and geometric style, the Cono Freestanding bath offers a smooth design that accommodates a water capacity of 303 litres. Perfect, for individuals looking to unwind after a long day. 

Gessi gessi-eleganza Eleganza Freestanding Bath Freestanding Baths

A much more refined design, the Eleganza Freestanding bath holds 335 litres of water and is inspired by the pursuit of tangible design to shape the intangible concept of elegance. 

Gareth Ashton Baths

Gareth Ashton looks to incorporate a modern look that reflects global culture and innovation. Offering a range of different layouts, Gareth Ashton’s freestanding baths use the finest material and light-weight engineering. Providing a stunning and elegant range of baths and shower taps to suit any bathroom.

Gareth Ashton’s baths are manufactured in either ClearStone or Natural Stone finishes. ClearStone utilises a Resin Mix including a majority Clay Mineral of Sedimentary Origin and a minority of Gibbsite Mineral as a Filler. Whereas, the Natural Stone utilises Calium Carbonate derived from Marble & Limestone. Both of these materials are easy to clean and highly heat resistant, with the high quality of these materials further typified by the 10 year warranty available on both of them. 

The baths are available in several different styles with claw feet, chrome plinth styles or the classic look all available. Meaning that regardless of whether you are after a more traditional look or a modern aesthetic, Gareth Ashon’s bathtubs are able to integrate seamlessly into any design theme. 

Gareth Ashton clearwater-stone Romano Grande ClearStone Gloss Bath with Claw Feet Freestanding Baths

Romano Grande ClearStone Gloss Bath with Claw Feet

Gareth Ashton clearwater-stone Pluro ClearStone Gloss Bath with Chrome Plinth Freestanding Baths

Pluro ClearStone Gloss Bath with Chrome Plinth

Gareth Ashton natural-stone Formoso 1500mm Natural Stone Bath Freestanding Baths

Formoso 1500 mm Natural Stone Bath 

Choosing a freestanding bath is a challenging decision and Abey offers a wide selection of bathtub options to suit any bathroom space. Abey and their large team of bathroom experts are willing and able to help you every step of the way with your bathroom design and help you to choose the best bath to suit your needs. Feel free to book an appointment at Abey Australia today.

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