Bathroom Fittings For A Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings play an important role in the overall aesthetic of a modern bathroom. Whether as complimentary fixtures or show stopping pieces, fittings can be utilised in a variety of ways and encompass several different products.

As with any choice in a modern bathroom, the aesthetics of fittings should always go hand in hand with functionality. From bathroom mixers, basins, freestanding baths and more, when shopping with Abey Australia, you can be sure to have access to the highest quality bathroom products from exclusive European brands.

Bathroom Basins

One of the most utilised fixtures in any bathroom, sinks, can come in a variety of different designs, finishes and materials. When choosing the perfect bathroom sink it is important to first deduce the requirements for the basin and the space available within the bathroom itself. For example, a single basin is probably not the ideal solution in a bathroom shared by three children, whereas twin basins can be the ideal layout for an ensuite bathroom for a couple. The next step is figuring out which structure and material works in your bathroom space. For modern bathrooms, bathroom basin structures can alternate between a more traditional square sink to a circular or cone shaped sink. Materials are also no longer purely ceramic, there are now plenty of other choices such as more modern industrial stainless steel bathroom sink or neutral stone options. Finally, the last choice for any sink is the accompanying bathroom tap, which can either be utilised to support the look of the sink or provide a distinct difference style between the two fixtures.

Gareth Ashton abey-304 Round 304 Stainless Steel Basin Artisan Copper Basins
Gessi cono Cono Countertop Basin Basins


Baths are still the cornerstones of most modern bathrooms. Not only are they the perfect place to relax after a long day, but can also provide an elegant feel to any modern bathroom. Like so many other bathroom fixtures, baths have their own variations usually centred around their shape and mounting. One of the most traditional looks is the classic freestanding bath, which looks to bring a modern spin on an age old favourite. The range is available with or without feet (depending on your product choice) and are available through Abey in either ClearStone, Cristalplant or Natural Stone, all of which provide an exceptional look for any bathroom space.

Gareth Ashton clearwater-stone Romano Grande ClearStone Gloss Bath with Claw Feet Freestanding Baths
Gareth Ashton clearwater-stone Byron Gloss ClearStone Bath Freestanding Baths


For smaller spaces, or even as a complimentary piece to a freestanding bath, showers are a must have in any bathroom. Whether looking for a hand held option or the more straightforward fitted showerhead, modern bathroom showers usually focus more on functionality rather than aesthetics. Similar to other bathroom pieces, individual needs and space will play a role in the final choice. A cubicle shower with a modest showerhead is usually the go to for many households. However, if you have space to play with, more intricate and exciting layouts can be created such as multiple showerheads or even a variation of an outdoor shower.

Armando Vicario provincial Provincial Showerhead Showers
Gessi cono Cono Horizontal Shower Showers
Gareth Ashton showers-on-rail Hand Shower on Rail Matt Black Showers

When it comes to bathroom fittings speaking to industry experts is always recommended. Don’t be fooled by poor quality fixtures, ensure you get the best possible fixtures for your bathroom by booking an appointment at Abey Australia today.

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