Best Kitchen Sink For A Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen & Sink

A small kitchen needs to pack in as many features as it can. From appliances to the sink and tapware you choose, the products need to be compact and space-saving whilst still displaying style. Benchtop and storage space can’t be compromised so it is also important to choose the correct sink that will allow for all the design elements in your kitchen to come together. As kitchen sinks are our forte, let us take you through our ranges and what sinks will work best for a small kitchen.


Schock invented the granite sink over 40 years ago and has been reinventing it ever since. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the craftmanship and innovation that goes into all its ranges has made Schock a global leader in the manufacturing and development of granite sinks. Schock is the global leader with their sinks being distributed global. In fact, over 1.5 million Schock Sinks are sold globally each year.

For a small kitchen, the Schock EURO is perfect. Being a round sink with a 435mm diameter, the shape allows for a design which will allow for plenty of bench space. As it is only inset mounted, it will also ensure there is plenty of space underneath the bench for storage. The EURO sink is also available in four finishes – onyx (black), Alpina (white), concrete and croma, so it will still create a design impact for those wanting to add some colour into their kitchen.

If you prefer a square design, the SOHO N100S or QUADRO QN100S sinks will also fit the bill. Both of these kitchen sinks are L450mm x W430mm in size. You can also choose from our four ranges of finishes also in these ranges. The square design is both modern as well as functional and can be teamed with a kitchen tap off behind the bench.


Chambord is a French owned business whose traditional farmhouse fireclay sinks are world-renowned. Using century old techniques, Chambord hand craft each of their sinks to a luxury standard that become the centre piece for any kitchen. Its fireclay material is the perfect for the kitchen. It is hygienic, easy to clean and insensitive to temperature. 

For a small kitchen, we recommend the PHILIPPE II Collection. It will provide the provincial feel of a traditional farmhouse sink but in a compact size. Measuring L762mm x W460mm it still allows for ample wash-up space for larger pots and pans. It is best to consult with a kitchen design professional when looking at this option. The sinks might need additional reinforcement underneath which could take up some valuable storage space.


Manufactured and designed to the world’s highest quality specifications, the Abey Kitchen Sink Collection is a stylish, quality and inspirational kitchen sink range that brings that latest in design and quality to Australia. 

For a small kitchen, our Abey range has quite a few ranges. For those needing something extremely compact, it is best to view our Abey Bar Sink Collection. These sinks come in both round and square designs and are also available in a variety of material finishes. The BS1 is the most compact in this range at a size of L360 x W360mm and is available in stainless steel, black, copper and gold. If you require a tap landing, the BS2 is perfect with a size of L370mm x W450mm

For a small sink with style, the single bowl The Hawkesbury (NQ100) in our NuQueen Collection is perfect. It has a low space design (when inset mounted) that measures L396 x W446 x D200mm. The sink also comes with a drain tray that can be flush fitted into the sink to optimise your bench space.

If you are needing a sink with a built-in drainer, our Entry sink (EN100L/EN100R) allows you to have a compact bowl with a stylish draining tray. The sink including the drain tray measures L840 x W480 x D165mm. The small depth of 165mm also allows you to have plenty of under bench storage. The sink is available with either a right or a left-hand drainer.


Each of the sinks we produce come with a comprehensive warranty. Our supported Customer Care team is also just a phone call away if you need assistance or have any questions with your Abey Product.

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