Laundry Sinks for Small Laundries

Small Laundry Sink

The laundry room has evolved from a place hidden away in the home to a functional and designer area that homeowners can be proud of. Planning a laundry to include a sink when space is limited does have some challenges. Let us take you through our space saving sink options that can be designed into your space based upon the type of material the sink is manufactured from.

Best Small Laundry Sink Brands

1. Abey Stainless Steel Sinks

Having one of the most diverse ranges of laundry sink collections in Australia, there is an Abey Stainless Steel sink for the smallest of laundry designs. The smallest in our range, the LT110 is only L390mm x W450mm. It can also be mounted inset, undermount of flush mount. The laundry sink comes in a generous 230mm depth and includes an overflow as standard. 

One of our new and modern models, the LT110, is our squarest size at L410mm x W450mm. This comes in a large 250mm bowl size making it perfect for soaking cloths.

If you’re looking for a skinny undermount sink, our Leichardt LTS45UX mode will do the job. The laundry sink measures L458mm x W509mm and has a generous depth of 250mm. With a large capacity 45 Litre bowl, to enhance the overall performance in your laundry. Being undermount, it will also optimise your bench space.  

2. Schock Granite Sinks

For a more design savvy look and with the ability to bring colour into your laundry sink, choose one of Abey’s Schock Kitchen Sinks for the laundry. Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 in Germany, where they are still manufactured today.  Although many of the Schock smaller kitchen sinks can also be used in the laundry, it is important to choose wisely in order to optimise space. 

We recommend the SOHO sink Collection. This is manufactured using their premium Cristadur material which is both hardy as well as perfectly hygienic. They come in a choice of laundry sink colours including Magma (Black), Stone and Polaris (White).

The SOHO Collection comes in two smaller sizes – the N100S model and N120 model. The N100S model overall size is L450mm x W430mm x D200mm. With a squarer design, the N120 model is a fabulous space saving option. It measures L550mm x W430mm and has a 200mm bowl depth.


The warranty of your laundry sink and tapware should be a consideration in the purchase of your product. It is strongly recommended that your product choice is from a reputable company with a strong emphasis on after sales and service. Abey has a dedicated after sales team and stake the reputation of the business on the quality products that its Abey sink warranty vary depending on the material of choice. For up to date information on our warranty please visit

To see our full range of laundry options, call into one of our Abey Selection Galleries or see the full range in the Laundry section of our Abey website.

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