Best Modern Kitchen Taps for your Home

Abey is renowned for providing a collection of kitchen taps that are manufactured from quality materials with impeccable workmanship. Modern in design, our range of products stand the test of time, helping your kitchen become an exceptional place to cook and entertain. Our modern range comes from our European Kitchen Tapware brands such as Gessi and Armando Vicario as well as our own Gareth Ashton Collection.

What are the best modern kitchen tap brands available in Australia?

GESSI Kitchen Taps

As an award-winning Italian company, GESSI has always focused on uncompromising craftsmanship alongside designs that allow for both a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing final product. GESSI is proud of its “Made in Italy” production, which has been pivotal in delivering its award-winning designs, technology and quality to the world. Taps are GESSI’s forte and GESSI’s designs set the standard across the world. 

Inedito is one of the newest lines to the GESSI Collection. This modern design includes a stunning knurled pattern on the kitchen handle which raises the bar in design sophistication. The range comes in a square neck and gooseneck design with a pull-out function available in each. Inedito comes in four metallic finishes to compliment your kitchen design. These include Chrome, Black, Black Metal Brushed and Brushed Nickel.

For those wanting a modern industrial design, look no further than our GESSI Officine Collection. The Officine range features a unique spanner shaped handle and bolt on the spout which makes it an eye-catching piece. The Officine comes in a pull out or standard option. It is available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black/Brushed Nickel, Black Metal Brushed and Copper Brushed finishes. 

Gareth Ashton Kitchen Taps

Our very own Gareth Ashton Collection was created to provide an affordable collection that was also high in quality. Testing is done on all our kitchen mixers in our ranges to ensure they meet rigorous Australian Standards as well as our very own quality assurance. We have a variety of modern designs in this range. 

Our Gareth Ashton Conic Collection features a LED tap that changes colour according to the water temperature. This modern design feature ensures you get the right water temperature easily and is perfect for those with young children.

New to Gareth Ashton is the Industrial Kitchen Collection. Available in Black and Brushed Nickel, the design features a stunning knurled handle and spout as well as a dual function pull out option.

We also have a range of Gareth Ashton KTA014 Kitchen Mixers. This goose neck mixer is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel, making them heat and corrosion resistant. The range is available in Matt Black, Black Pearl, Artisan Copper, Eureka Gold and Brushed Steel.

Armando Vicario Kitchen Taps

For over 40 years, Armando Vicario have been producing high-quality kitchen and bathroom tapware from their factory in Gozzano, Italy. With their sleek, simple and stylish designs, they are renowned for their modern designs and flare.

TINK is one of our most popular modern taps. The unique shaped spout is a showstopper for the kitchen and matches beautifully with any designer kitchen sink. TINK is available with or without a pull out and comes in modern finishes of Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, White and Black.

To match perfectly with our Cristalite Schock Sinks, Armando Vicario has produced a range of tapware called ISA. ISA’s design has panels of the Schock Cristalite sink range finish that include Onyx, Concrete, Croma and Alpina. It is also available with or without a pull-out.

LUZ is a timeless design that looks sophisticated in a modern kitchen design. This tap features a flat handle and pulls out with the option of a gooseneck or square neck spout. To compliment your design, they are available in Black, Chrome or Brushed Chrome finishes. 

Every Abey Kitchen Mixer purchased comes with a comprehensive warranty. Our warranty  is also backed up by a team of Customer Care professionals that can assist with any issues or questions you may experience.

To see our Kitchen Tapware displays, head on into your local Abey Selection Gallery or give us a call on 1800 809 143.

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