The Best Shower and Bath Combos

Freestanding bath and shower in small bathroom

When renovating a bathroom one of the main things to consider is the shower and/or bathtub option. Despite the wide popularity of showers, many homes still feature bathtubs, especially when living with young children or older relatives. But how can you incorporate both a bathtub and shower? The answer, a shower and bath combo.

What are the best shower and bath options?

When it comes to choosing a shower and bath combo, the choice will come down to space, bathroom layout and aesthetics. Let’s look at some of the more best options available:

1. Enclosed Shower and Bath

Modern bathroom with shower and bath combo

A 3-way alcove option this enclosed shower and bath is perfect for smaller spaces. The bath is placed flush to the wall and provides easier access for younger children or elderly users. No lip between the bath and wall also minimises any potential overflow from the bathtub, while supporting handrails or steps can be installed to help with accessibility.

2. Free Standing With Shower Rinse

classic freestanding bath in bathroom

Most commonly utilised with freestanding baths this combo involves the shower aspect being covered by a handheld rinse option. This option is more widely used in larger bathroom spaces as an extra option alongside a freestanding shower and is a great option if you have young children to bathe.

3. Freestanding Bath and Shower

Freestanding bath and shower in small bathroom

A mixture of both the purely freestanding and enclosed alcove options, this freestanding bathtub option features a showerhead attached to the tub. The showerhead’s height can usually be adjusted and can be placed within any number of bathtub options. The example above illustrates the location up against a wall however this type of bath can be placed anywhere depending on layout preference and the space available. With this setup a shower screen can also be applied around the bath to negate any spillage when utilising the shower.

What are the Benefits of Shower and Bath Combos?

1. Space Saving

By design all of these combinations provide a perfect space saving opportunity. You will no longer have to worry about purchasing one bath and one shower and then trying to figure out the best layout to fit everything in. 

3. Versatility

One of the other benefits of a combination is that you can choose what to use. Do you feel like a quick shower or a long soak in a bath? With the shower and bath combo the choice is completely up to you.

2. Budget Friendly

Shower and bath combos are generally a budget friendly option and therefore the perfect choice to save some money on a new bathroom renovation, without forgoing any functionality in the space. 

4. Resale Value

Everyone always wants to add value to their home and incorporating a shower and bath combo helps with this by offering a great product that can be utilised by a variety of different lifestages (elderly couples vs young families). This makes your bathroom more viable to potential buyers.

Choosing the best shower and bath combo for your place is never an easy choice. Budgets, space and personal preference will all play a factor in the design and choice of the ideal shower and bath combo. Visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today and find the perfect shower and bath combo for your home.

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