Abey’s guide to the best showers for small bathrooms

Best showers for small bathrooms

Working with a small bathroom? You might think that the size of your bathroom is a limitation – think again.

With a little creativity, attention to detail and a few premium bathroom fittings, you can transform a cramped, small space into a luxurious sanctuary. Plus, by spreading your budget over a smaller space you can easily afford the premium bathroom shower look you’ve always wanted.

To get you inspired we’ve come up with a few practical ideas for making the most out of your small bathroom space.

Wet room with a vertical waterfall shower

Rather than having a bathroom shower enclosure that cuts your bathroom in half have you considered a tiled wet room? Just flick through any design magazine and we guarantee you’ll see some of these. Minimalist and on-trend, a wet room is functional, easy to clean and looks great – plus tiling can be expensive so it’s best done in a small bathroom.

Imagine a vertical luxurious waterfall shower in the corner of your bathroom with a ledge for all your shower potions.

Glass divide

With a small space you need to ensure your design creates a feeling of openness. Light colours and glass will help keep your bathroom design airy and spacious instead of dim and dark. By installing a glass wall divide you can keep your shower separate from the rest of your bathroom and protect against unwanted water in toilet and sink areas. This is perfect for maintaining the illusion of size as the glass panel allows visibility of the whole room, yet creates separate zones.

Multi-purpose showers

When working with a small space, it’s a good idea to install fixtures and fittings that have multiple functions, including your shower. Abey has a wide range of showers on rail that are impressively practical with on point design. These multi purpose showers give you a handheld option which comes in handy when you have a wet sandy dog or muddy little kids – and makes cleaning up much easier. 

This simple design choice gives your small space more functionality, without breaking the bank.

Shower over tub

You may think installing a bath and a shower in your small bathroom is impossible. However with minimal expense and work you could install an Abey wall mounted horizontal shower head over a new or existing bath, to get the best of both worlds. 

By stacking these two fittings you’ll maximise your floorspace, have the best bathroom shower and reduce the busyness in your space. Now just grab a few candles and a glass of wine and you’ve got the ultimate night in sorted!

Shower enclosure shape

If the idea of a wall of glass in your bathroom doesn’t fit with your decor, consider a different shower enclosure.

There are several types, many specifically designed for small spaces. For example, depending on the shape of your bathroom – a quadrant shower enclosure nestled in the corner of your bathroom could look great and take up less space.

Under the stars

If you live in the right climate, consider installing an outdoor shower – when privacy allows. This simple addition will provide a convenient way to rinse off after family adventures, whether you’re cleaning muddy kids, or rising the beach off in summer. Abey’s slick outdoor shower is a great, easy to install option that looks great.

When renovating, building or planning your new bathroom, make sure to browse the Abey shower range. You can even visit one of our selection galleries or contact us for an appointment so we can suggest the perfect shower for your next project, to make sure you have the best bathroom on the block.

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