Black Kitchen Fixtures

black kitchen tap and sink

There is no doubt that black kitchen fixtures are a timeless and popular addition to any kitchen design. Black oozes sophistication and brings a sleek and contrasting look. It also has the added advantage over traditional chrome tapware in that you don’t see watermarks nor fingerprints. With an immense range of black finishes in our sink and tapware offer for the kitchen, choosing an Abey black finish for your kitchen is effortless.

SCHOCK Granite Black Kitchen Sinks

Our Schock black sink collection is a Germany Made sink collection that was first invented in 1979. Handmade in Germany, Schock is renowned for their global leadership in manufacturing and distributing granite sinks to the world. There are two different black finishes in the range – Onyx in the Cristalite range and Magma in the Cristadur range.

Schock Cristalite Onyx finish feels stony and slightly rough. It is an easy to clean finish and is attractively priced. The Cristalite Collection features the Nemo, Quadro, Typos, Formhaus, Euro and Virtus designs. Each of these products can be inset mounted as well as the Nemo, Quadro and Euro being able to be undermounted.

The upmarket Cristadur Magma finish comes in a premium material that has a silky texture and easy-care direct repellent effects. The Magma finish can be found in the Signus, SOHO, Horizont and our new Mono collections.

Stainless Steel Black Pearl Finish

Our Piazza Finished Black Pearl sink finish is achieved through a process called ‘Physical Vapor Despositon (PVD)”. The process ensures a black coating that is both scratch resistant and impact-resistant. Each Black Pearl comes with a matching drain tray and protective grid. To add to the appeal, there is also matching Black Pearl tapware available in our Gareth Ashton Collection.

Black Kitchen Tapware


With a genuine Italian company, Gessi’s focus is on uncompromising craftsmanship and a new style of living with designs that are to be experienced and not just admired. Black finishes are prevalent in most of GESSI’s Kitchen Collection. There is no compromise in the beautiful black finish with GESSI. GESSI’s Black is created through a finishing process called powder coating. This is a process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to a surface as a free-floating, dry powder before heat is used to finalise the coating. Powder coating is a finishing process that yields a thick hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. The new releases, such as the Officine Black Kitchen Mixers, also combine the black finish with brushed nickel to create a stunning modern design.


Armando Vicario is our other Italian-made Tapware brand. Their well-articulated product range stems from their modern single lever mixers to more traditional old-fashion pieces. Their modern collection consists of Black Kitchen Mixers in each of the ranges. The black coating finish is also created using a powder coating process. One of our most popular ranges – TINK is included in this collection. The TINK Black Mixers have a unique shape that has seen it being a favourite for a modern kitchen design. It also comes with a pull-out option for those with large sinks or double bowl combinations.


Abey’s own Gareth Ashton Collection is a contemporary style of kitchen mixers that uses the latest technology to create a perfect addition to any kitchen space. With most of the collection having a black finish, the range is also complimented with a variety of mixers that have gooseneck or square neck designs as well as pull out options. One of the newest ranges is the 6K1 Poco Kitchen Mixer. This range was introduced due to its classic matt black finish and pin lever handle. It also comes with a pull out that makes it easy to use for large sinks. The 6K1 Poco Kitchen Mixer is also extremely affordable which is great for those who want quality on a tight budget.

To see our full range of black kitchen options, see instore today at your local Abey Selection Gallery.

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