Chambord Clotaire for the Laundry

Chambord Ceramic Laundry Sink

Over the course of history, France has become synonymous with rich culture and strong heritage which has been embodied through the spirit of Chambord. Since 1896, Chambord have continued to use the same techniques and precision, and it is this continuation of tradition that has aided in cementing Chambord as one of the most well known sink brands worldwide. By choosing a Chambord ceramic sink individuals can bring in centuries of history & prestige into their living spaces. Chambord’s high focus on design, manufacturing and quality of materials ensures a beautiful long lasting product.

As one of Chambord’s Australian retailers, Abey Australia provides a host of chambord sinks to cater to a variety of different areas of a house. One such area is the laundry room which, unlike the kitchen or bathroom, usually requires sinks that can handle a much more diverse range of tasks. This is where Chambord’s Clotaire sinks offer a perfect solution. A harmonious blend of luxury materials and authentic french expertise; these laundry sinks are made of Chambord’s Fireclay ceramic. Chambord has worked on this material for three generations and the proof of concept is evident with the sinks. Easy to keep spotless, resistant to any temperature and simple to disinfect/clean. Each sink is also manually finished and checked by Chambord’s team of highly qualified professionals, guaranteeing longevity across each piece.

Chambord Clotaire Laundry Sinks

Abey’s Chambord Clotaire sinks offer varying solutions to satisfy any individual’s requirements. No matter the size of your living space, anyone can have exquisite european style within their laundry space. Let’s examine a couple of the options currently available through Abey Australia.

Chambord chambord-clotaire Chambord Clotaire Small Single Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Chambord Clotaire Small Single Sink Ceramic

Representing the perfect compact option for those looking for a new French art deco designed sink, without sacrificing an entire benchtop. This 30L sink provides all the benefits of Chambord’s fireclay material and is the perfect addition for any apartment or studio space. This sink also comes with the optional extra of a universal concertina, which can be used to help with a variety of other washing & drying tasks.

Chambord chambord-clotaire Chambord Clotaire Large Double Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Chambord Clotaire Large Double Sink Ceramic

Perfect for individuals looking to carry out multiple tasks at once, this laundry trough provides two 30L ceramic bowls that are perfect for washing clothes, shoes or even small pets. This sink can be installed either flush mount, top mount or undermount, allowing for the elegance of french design to be brought into any laundry room.

Marrying cutting edge technology with high end manual skill and dexterity the Chambord Clotaire sinks showcase a beautiful example of French craftsmanship, that can be implemented in any laundry. The Fireclay ceramic material used in these sinks also further aids in creating a bespoke aesthetic mixed with a reliable/durable final product. To find out more about the Chambord Clotaire sinks and see them for yourself, visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today.

If you’re looking for other laundry sinks, check out Abey undermount sinks and Abey double undermount sinks.

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