What Are Different Home Design Styles?

Home Design Styles

New materials and products have opened up a wide range of different home design styles. Each home design has specific characteristics that have helped to distinguish themselves from one another. This guide will take a look at some popular and unique home designs and the typical layouts they follow: 

French Provincial Homes

As the name suggests, this is based on French design. More specifically this aesthetic emulates many of the manors and chateaux built in France during the 17th and 18th centuries. While some of the classic tropes of this design, such as exposed stone/brickwork or a crystal chandelier are out of reach of the everyday household, there are still many other aspects that can be included. Other focuses include warm tones, antique furniture, rustic wood, gold accented and ceramic pieces, such as ceramic kitchen sinks

french provincial home

Contemporary Homes

Defined by innovation, contemporary homes consistently look to push the boundary on new layouts and design choices. Typically many contemporary homes follow open living ideas with neutral or earthy colours, minimal clutter and clean lines prevalent throughout. Today, stone is particularly popular and is utilised across much of the home, even in fixtures, such as granite kitchen sinks. The overall look of contemporary home designs are constantly changing as they look to emulate the latest trends in the industry and are the perfect option for those who like to experiment with new and exciting ideas. 

contemporary homes

Minimalist Homes

Minimalist homes are an increasingly popular design choice, with Scandinavian and Japanese takes on minimalist decoration becoming a huge hit! The love of minimalism generally extends from the benefits it offers such as organisation, simplicity and a dedication towards sustainability. While the design choices can vary, depending on which variation of minimalism you choose, the main features usually include a lack of furniture, open spaces, clear surfaces and subdued colours (typically earthy tones). 

minimalist homes

Industrial Homes

Similar to the French provincial design, industrial homes take inspiration from bygone eras and look to add a more modern twist. Focusing on the industrial revolution era, these homes utilise aesthetics that mimic the factories and workhouses that were so prominent during the period. This means that metal, in particular copper and brass, are usually prevalent with pipes being widely used and visible in areas such as bathtubs,showers and kitchen/laundry sinks. Wood and brickwork is also particularly prominent, while more modern colours and fixtures are usually spread throughout the living spaces. It is also common to see this design in homes where many of these aspects were already prevalent (ex. converted warehouses). In many cases owners will integrate the original materials into the new design too! 

industrial homes

Eclectic Homes

One of the more interesting of home designs, eclectic homes utilise a variety of different styles in their design. It is due to these different choices being utilised interchangeably that there is no base design for this type of home. Most of the time the living spaces will utilise bold colours, furniture can vary from antique to modern and unique fixtures and artwork are likely to be prevalent.

Home Design Styles Eclectic Homes

These 5 home design styles only scratch the surface on what is possible when it comes to home design, with the opportunities only defined by your imagination (and possibly your budget). However, regardless of your choice in home design, Abey Australia has the right pieces to suit any aesthetic choice. Book an appointment at Abey Australia and view the vast choices available for your home today.

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