Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic sink in kitchen

One of the oldest materials in existence, ceramics have been utilised across the world, with one of the oldest ceramic artefacts dating back to 28,000 BCE. Today with the advancement in the manufacturing process, ceramics are now utilised in a wide variety of ways. One of the most common examples of this advancement of ceramics can be seen with the everyday household fixture, the ceramic sink. 

Today ceramic kitchen sinks are linked with a timeless elegance and are therefore usually integrated into rustic or farmhouse style rooms. While a beautiful option for many, it is also important to understand the pros and cons of ceramic sinks to help ensure you make the best decision when choosing a sink.

What Are The Pros of Ceramic Sinks?

1. Easy To Clean 

This is one of the key factors when looking to purchase a sink, as you don’t want to spend more time cleaning the sink than the dishes. Thankfully with ceramic sinks this is not an issue, as all of these sinks include finishes which allow for easy cleaning and ensure a high level of hygiene can be maintained. 

2. Durable

Ceramic sinks in particular have been a widely popular choice in the household for over a century and one of the main reasons for this is that they are built to last. This is especially true for ceramic sinks that are made from fireclay which represent a range of clays that are highly resistant to heat and pressure. Be sure that when looking at ceramic sinks for rooms that will experience high usage (ex. ceramic bathroom sink), that high quality ceramic is used. 

3. High-end Prestige Aesthetic 

As mentioned previously, one of the key selling points for ceramic sinks is the overall aesthetic they provide. Today many ceramic sinks are linked to high end European companies who combine the traditional look and feel of these sinks with the updated and better quality manufacturing process. 

What Are The Cons of Ceramic Sinks?

1. Heavy

Unlike many other sink material options, ceramic sinks are generally heavier which can be an issue when it comes to mounting and installation. It is always recommended to make sure that your benchtop will be able to support the sink or a further support is added to help take the weight. 

2. Chipping or Cracking

While ceramic sinks are generally highly durable any sudden impact from a heavy object can lead to chipping or cracking of the sink. While this is usually less common in areas such as the bathroom or laundry, when choosing a ceramic kitchen sink this can be potentially problematic with heavy pots and pans. Fixing these chips and cracks can also be quite time consuming and costly. 

3. Higher Price

With the high-end aesthetic and positive characteristics unfortunately ceramic sinks usually come with a higher price tag than alternative materials. Therefore if you are looking for a more budget friendly option then a ceramic sink may not be the best option available. 

To find out more about ceramic sinks and whether they are the best option for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry visit one of Abey’s selection galleries and talk to one of their experienced staff today. 

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