Exploring The Gessi Inciso Collection

Reliability, true depth and quality. These are just some of the typical product characteristics that individuals look to surround themselves with when creating their dream bathroom space. To achieve this, Gessi looked to collaborate with architect David Rockwell and his award-winning firm, The Rockwell Group. The goal; to create a unique line of products that embody the skilful specifics of old era brassware manufacturers, while mixing modern architectural taste and the most advanced metal processing technology.

It was from this goal, the Gessi Inciso Collection was born. The line’s clean modern forms are consistent with the tradition of Gessi and are highly customizable, fully flexible, and suitable for several environments. With sculpted contours paired with smooth surfaces and textured patterns, the collection achieves captivating allure in alignment with Gessi’s philosophy of enriching intimate living spaces with beautiful, well-made, highly functional objects. Whether it’s in a residential or a commercial setting, the line of bath fixtures coordinates seamlessly with sinks, bathtubs and showers, and complements accessory pieces such as towel bars and soap dispensers. Providing any bathroom with a fresh and contemporary design that exudes quality and high-end aesthetics.

Inciso Shower Products

Bathrooms are being transformed. No longer are they simply spaces built for function, instead many have taken on a more important role as a safe haven from the world, somewhere individuals can relax and unwind. This space not only allows users to play with design, but with technology and water. At Gessi, the power of water and the importance of wellness is portrayed through the taps and showerheads that provide a strong value product and help the Gessi brand to transform your bathroom into a space of revitalisation.

The Gessi Inciso range offers a host of different shower options running from mounted wall and ceiling heads to handheld shower sets. Above are two examples of the Incisso shower collection. Both manufactured in Italy, the two shower settings come in a range of 9 different finishes to adapt to the look and feel of a shower space. The range of mounts and usability options on offer highlights the diversity within the range, making it suitable for a variety of households. Boasting a 3 Star WELS Rating, these shower options perfectly balance both beauty and simplicity.

Inciso Mixers & Spouts

When undertaking this project the Rockwell Group looked to bring life to the idea that the act of touching a piece of hardware, is, in fact, an act of engagement. This involved not only making sure that the products worked effortlessly, but that they would be a joy to look at and touch. This aim is no more embodied than within the Inciso mixers & spouts range, offering a multitude of variations that encourages tactile engagement with the product, while showcasing the ease of use and elegant design.

Inciso mixers & spouts are all highly water-efficient with a 5 Star WELS Rating, a max operating pressure of 500KPA and 9 different finishes available. The ease of use and various design elements on offer allow for easy blending of design components within a multitude of different bathroom types from a rustic copper brushed look, to a chic and modern brushed black look.

Inciso Accessories

The Inciso collection itself is the Rockwell Group’s first-ever line of bath fittings and accessories, and presented an interesting challenge for the team. The collection embodies a uniquely American ethos for modern fixtures, while marrying Gessi’s strength in technical know-how and craftsmanship. The bathroom interior and accessories were intended to be calmly chic and warmingly inviting. Gessi here created a design that is both timeless and timely while helping to fuse together all aspects of a bathroom into a transformative user experience. Accessories are offered in both a stand-alone or mounted capacity and similarly to Gessi’s shower heads and taps are available in 9 different finishes, allowing for maximisation of floor space, without compromising on aesthetic design.

Abey has fostered a 15 year partnership with Gessi which has allowed showcasing of the best and most daring bathroom products, direct from Italy. This partnership has made Abey one of the exclusive suppliers of the Gessi Inciso range in Australia. Visit one of our selection galleries across Australia today to experience the Gessi Inciso range for yourself.

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