Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom Collection

Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom Collection

For over 25 years, Abey Australia has continued to revolutionise the Australian bathroom industry. The Gareth Ashton range is a perfect example of this knowledge and experience. Reflecting innovation and global culture, the Gareth Ashton range completes a look in any bathroom. Creating pieces that offer a lasting impression, while utilising industry best design and manufacturing processes.

The Gareth Ashton range not only looks to invigorate the bathroom space, but to also offer new and exciting alternatives, expanding the concept of the traditional bathroom setting. One such expansion is the Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom Collection, which showcases a host of outdoor bathroom fittings and pieces. Let’s explore some of the Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom Collection.

Exploring The Collection

When designing an outdoor bathroom setting, many look to connect the space with nature. Aiming for a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor settings. More common designs look to implement an outdoor shower or bath. While other individuals have looked at alternative options to their design such as implementing a glass covering across the amenities within the outside space. Allowing for striking nighttime visuals within the area, while limiting any unwanted intrusions.

Whatever the choice, all of the pieces within the Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom Collection have been created to ensure they are strong enough to face any elements. Making it ideal for individuals looking to tailor their bathroom space. For instance, there are a few different options for individuals looking to include an outdoor shower:

Gareth Ashton gareth-ashton-316 FREESTANDING ARCH RAIL + HAND SHOWER 316 Showers
Freestanding Arch Rail + Hand Shower 316
Gareth Ashton gareth-ashton-316 316 ARCH RAIL & HAND SHOWER SET Showers
316 Arch Rail + Hand Shower Set
Gareth Ashton gareth-ashton-316 HAND SHOWER SET 316 Showers
Hand Shower Set 316
Gareth Ashton gareth-ashton-316 316 ROUND HORIZ OVERHEAD SHOWER Showers
316 Round Horizontal Overhead Shower
Gareth Ashton gareth-ashton-316 316 200MM ROUND VERTICAL SHOWER DROP Showers
316 200mm Round Vertical Shower Drop

All shower options, along with all other pieces in the collection, are made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Each of the shower options presented also provide a 3 Star WELs ratings across the board. While the large assortment of different shower layouts, fittings and attachments on offer also allows for the perfect shower to be chosen to fit any individual’s needs or design preferences.

With a host of various pieces on offer across the Gareth Ashton 316 Outdoor Bathroom collection, there are no limits to the design opportunities available. Whether it is expanding a current bathroom setup or designing an outdoor bathroom space from scratch, the range of products available ensure that you can make your perfect outdoor bathroom landscape a reality. Visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today to explore the collection for yourself.

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