Gessi Kitchen Tapware – Remarkable New Italian Designs Exclusive to Abey Australia

kitchen sinks
kitchen sinks

Globalisation has brought the world together. It has helped take Gessi to the world. But globalisation has also created a business environment where outstanding production has not just become the norm, it has become a pivotal business strategy. Gessi is proud of its strong production roots and remains unwaveringly Italian.

Gessi‘s manufacturing and production phases remain “in-house” following best practice models and the principles of “green” production. All Gessi’s kitchen range is made from lead-free materials, bringing peace of mind to the user.

From a single location in Vercelli Italy, the unique “Made in Gessi” production process embodies the “Made in Italy” philosophy that highlights Italian elegance, aesthetics and lifestyle. Gessi makes everyday life more remarkable with objects of extraordinary beauty and functionality.

Gessi’s Kitchen Range is one of the most extensive in the world. Featuring bespoke designs and all of the modern metallic finishes, Abey Australia is fortunate to be able to bring all the latest designs to our shore.

Introducing the GESSI Range

HAPPY – Iconic Kitchen Mixer

The iconic objects of the ’50s & ’60s like Smeg’s domestic appliances, Brionvega’s radio or Bakelite Telephones are not just integral parts of the industrial design but are also timeless. The HAPPY kitchen mixer celebrates this time-period in a playful yet elegant way. It has a combination of curves and solid rectangular blocks, a delightful contradiction with a timeless feel. You can choose from black, white or red gloss finishes that match with Smeg’s domestic appliances.

Happy Sink Mixer with Pull-Out
Gessi Happy Happy Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Kitchen Taps & Mixers

Officine – New Industrial Technology in the Kitchen

With a provocative mechanical aesthetic, the Officine Range is perfect for an industrial-inspired kitchen. The design was developed around industrial tools, such as keys and bolts, making it one of the most unique mixers in the range. The unfinished surface and rough tones complete the mood reinforcing the natural wearing out of tools. Available in five metallic finishes with the option of a pull-out design.

Gessi Officine Officine V Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers
Officine Pull Out Kitchen Mixer

Mesh – Innovation and style for a better life

With a decisive contemporary cut and slender shape, the stainless steel braided hose of Mesh makes an unprecedented and eccentric kitchen mixer. It is an expression of creative refined design and unmistakable style. The design includes a pull-out, brushed nickel finish with a solid matt black handle.

Gessi MESH MESH Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers

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