Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers

As an award winning Italian company, Gessi has always focused on uncompromising craftsmanship alongside designs that allow for both a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing final product. That is why every creation undertaken by Gessi looks to seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of different living spaces through sharp designs & finishes, whilst also harnessing the latest state-of-the-art technology & high quality materials. Ultimately, producing a range of high quality products across both the kitchen & bathroom that embody meticulous Italian workmanship.

Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers are a further showcase of this elegant, minimalist design. Inspired by the style and shape of industrial workshop tools, the tough Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers bring European design to Australian kitchens exclusively via Abey. Along with their several different finishes & designs the range offers a number of different options to perfectly suit any kitchen space. Let’s explore the Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers in greater detail.

The most important point to note is that all Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers are designed to offer the best possible performance. Built with high quality steel each tapware product offers a highly environmentally friendly and water efficient design with 4-5 star WELs ratings across the range. Each tap provides a 360 degree rotation, allowing for maximising of functionality and performance. A number of the taps also offer pull out functions for easy washing of food, hands or various cooking apparatus. This effective maneuverability also aids in easy maintenance of the accompanying sink (especially double sinks), allowing for quick accessibility when it comes to cleaning, and ensuring both products are always looking as good as the day they were made.

Gessi officine Officine Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers
Gessi officine Officine V Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers
Gessi officine Officine V Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers
Gessi officine Officine Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers

This high-end functionality is further enhanced by the variety of different finishes available across the kitchen mixers. These finishes include Chrome, Copper Brushed, Black Metal Brushed, Nickel Brushed & Matte Black/Brushed Nickel. The wide choices available allow for easy integration of the tapware into a variety of different kitchen themes. Due to the design and finishes this tap can not only be utilised as a complimentary product, but as a focus piece in the kitchen allowing for final design and integration options to be almost limitless. 

Sought after by architects, interior designers and creatives, Gessi has continued to innovate and bring new and exciting designs to the forefront of tapware, with the Gessi Officine Kitchen Mixers highlighting this dedication to the craft. Available to view across Abey’s range of selection galleries, this example of high-end Italian design, produces the perfect marriage between functionality and flexibility allowing for users to easily incorporate the range into their kitchen, whilst also providing a product that is not just admired, but truly experienced.

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