Gessi Rilievo Bathroom Collection

Founded in 1982, Gessi has continued to create new and innovative business philosophies, which have allowed it to develop into one of the most sophisticated manufacturing businesses in its product category, worldwide. Since then, Gessi has established a tradition of creating bathroom concepts that inspire sensations of purity and wellbeing, with the ultimate goal of benefiting the user’s body and mind.

For the Gessi Rilievo Bathroom Collection, Gessi worked with the international architectural studio of Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). With more than 200 global design awards in the past decade and 1500+ projects completed in over 80 countries, the creation of a bathroom collection presented an interesting project for HBA. The aim of this collection was to embody all the values of simple elegance, clarity and harmony people demanded today from private space. To help achieve this goal, HBA worked off the idea that harmony is determined by a mathematical/geometric ratio between the various parts of each piece and from this the Rilievo Bathroom Collection was born. 

The maximum expression of purity in a form according to HBA’s belief is the intersection of a circle into a square. This can be seen in many of the pieces throughout the Gessi Rilievo Bathroom Collection. The range itself encompasses bathroom/shower mixers, showerheads, accessories and basin mixers allowing for a wide number of options to choose from.

Rilievo Bathroom/Shower Mixers

Rilievo’s Bathroom and Shower Mixers highlight a simple and elegant design. Joining curves and straight lines with round and squared geometric shapes embodies HBA’s goal of bringing the maximum expression of purity into their products. The range also offers 7 different finishes, allowing for the perfect mixer to be found to fit any bathroom.

Gessi rilievo Rilievo Built in Mixer with Diverter Wall & Basin Mixers
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Bath Spout Wall & Basin Mixers
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Ceiling Mounted Round Showerhead Showers
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Ceiling Mounted Square Showerhead Showers

Rilievo Showerheads

Offering mounted square and circular showerheads, the design of the Rilievo showerheads was undertaken with the aim of maximising both functionality and aesthetic design. Each of the showerheads offers a 3 star WELS rating (9L/min) and a host of different finishes to ensure the best possible look for many years to come.

Rilievo Accessories

HBA’s plan to bring a harmonious feel to the bathroom space didn’t stop with the fixtures. The bathroom accessories offered through the collection provide a simple yet elegant look that helps to compliment and easily integrate with a variety of different bathroom themes and looks.

Gessi rilievo Rilievo Wall Mounted Soap Holder (Black) Accessories
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Wall Mounted Tumbler Holder (Black) Accessories
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Three Hole Basin Mixer with Spout Wall & Basin Mixers
Gessi rilievo Rilievo Three Hole Basin Mixer with Spout Wall & Basin Mixers

Rilievo Basin Mixers

Balancing usability and efficiency, Rilievo Basin Mixers offer a 5 star (6 L/min) and 6 star (4.5 L/min) WELS rating whilst matching with easy-to-use designs. The various finishes available also allow for easy complimenting to a number of different sinks. Meaning that during bathroom design these taps can be utilised as a centrepiece in the bathroom space or simply blend in with the rest of the bathroom (depending on personal preference).

Hirsch Bedner Associates set out to create products that focused on inspiring sensations of purity and wellbeing. This has been achieved across the collection through the use of geometric shapes along with smooth and slick designs that allow for individuals to easily ingratiate Rilievo products throughout their bathroom space.

Explore the Rilievo bathroom collection by visiting one of Abey’s selection galleries today.

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