Guide to Modern Laundry Fittings

Modern Laundry Sink Taps

Modern laundry fittings have come a long way from the traditional brass or copper finishes. New materials and designs have meant more options for laundry fittings, while updated laundry designs have further expanded the opportunities for various laundry fixtures. 

When renovating or designing a laundry room, choosing the right fittings can make or break your laundry aesthetic and functionality. Functionality is especially important in this room as a variety of tasks will usually be undertaken. But thankfully there are a number of options available, meaning there is usually something for everyone.

Laundry Tubs

Laundry sinks are generally utilised for cleaning or soaking clothes, as well as other jobs such as washing pets or shoes. However, depending on your needs and space the ideal laundry tub is likely to vary from household to household. Today, you no longer have the choice of only one or two materials, with laundry sinks materials available in granite, fireclay, stainless steel and even exciting new materials such as Schock’s cristalite sinks. 

Choosing the right laundry sink will also depend on the space available, double bowls, single bowls and even half bowls are widely common. These can then be installed as either top mounts, undermounts or flush mounts which can allow for hidden sinks to be implemented (extra bench space).

Laundry Taps

Laundry taps also play a large role in the usability of the laundry room and these modern designs can make many of the tasks far easier to undertake. One of the most modern and commonly utilised laundry taps are those with pull out functions, which are perfect for larger laundry sinks. Many of the more modern versions generally look to utilise stainless steel, as it is highly complementary to many of the sink options in the market. Although more rustic/traditional looking taps have become increasingly popular in particular spaces, such as farmhouse style laundries. This balance of usability and aesthetic will depend on the requirements of the household and the laundry theme.

Final Considerations For Laundry Fittings

When choosing laundry fittings final considerations such as budget, frequency of usage and warranty are very important. There is usually a tradeoff between the three and choosing the ideal laundry fittings will involve prioritising which aspects are most important for you. However,there are often many fittings available that tick the majority of these boxes, you just need to look in the right place, such as one of Abey’s selection galleries. Happy hunting!

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