Guide: How to style your bathroom with a new mirror

How to style your bathroom with a new mirror

Picking a bathroom mirror is one of the big design choices you’ll make in any bathroom refresh or renovation. The right mirror can make a space feel bigger, add to your bathroom’s decor, and make getting ready in the morning a pleasure. 

With that said, choosing the right bathroom mirror can be tricky. On Abey Australia’s online store alone there are several options, including mirrors of all shapes and sizes, and even premium bathroom mirrors with inbuilt lights. 

To help you get started we’ve run through the basics of choosing a bathroom mirror, from placement to choosing shapes and styles.

What size is right? 

When choosing the size of your mirror you need to consider the size and style of your vanity, the functionality of your mirror and the size/style of your bathroom. Generally your mirror shouldn’t be wider than your vanity and should match its style. 

And while some small bathrooms may suit a larger mirror, generally it’s better to go with a more compact low profile option. A larger mirror like the Arcade Classic 3, on the other hand, is perfect for a big bathroom and makes getting ready in the morning easier, with a central mirror with a folding mirror on each side.

Which mirror style and shape will suit my bathroom? 

When picking a mirror style, keep your bathroom design in mind and choose something that complements it. Generally speaking modern bathrooms suit understated mirrors with minimalist frames, whereas classic bathrooms might suit mirrors with more elaborate frames. 

For example, if you’re going for an elegant, classic style with your bathroom design something understated like the Eleganza Wall Mounted Mirror might be perfect. This premium mirror features an ornate white frame and a simple rectangular shape. 

For a more modern, impactful look you could go for a round bathroom mirror like the Coco with white frame, or a wall-to-wall frameless mirror.

What about mirror placement?

Choosing mirror placement is just as important as choosing the size and style of your mirror. So where should yours go?

Usually mirrors look and function best centred just above your vanity. The mirror will need to extend at least 30 cm above and below the eyeline of the shortest and tallest people who’ll use it. 

And while a mirror above your vanity is usually essential, you don’t need to limit yourself. If you’ve got a large bathroom a full length mirror, like the Goccia, could look great on another wall and make checking yourself out a breeze.

Should I have more than one mirror? 

Got a larger bathroom with two sinks? You have the option of either using one large mirror to cover the entire space, or using two smaller mirrors. 

A single mirror may create a feeling of space by reflecting more of the room, while two mirrors can be a stylish addition if executed well. Ultimately this will come down to your preference.

Browse a large range of bathroom mirrors

Abey Australia stocks a large range of bathroom mirrors to suit any bathroom design – from round bathroom mirrors, to shaving and  modern full length mirrors. 

Keen to have a look and get inspired? Browse Abey Australia’s full range of bathroom mirrors online here or stop by and check out our Selection Galleries.

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