Guide to Undermount Sinks

Stainless steel undermount kitchen sink with mixer

Abey Australia sources the largest range of kitchen sinks from around the world. Our comprehensive range includes quality European brands such as Barazza, Schock and Chambord, as well as our very own Abey kitchen sink collection. Amongst our collections, we have a diverse collection of undermount sinks. Let us take you through the options when looking at this type of sink mounting.

What is an undermount sink?

An undermount sink applies to one that is mounted under the bench. The edge of the countertop sits below the sink to create a seamless look.

What are the benefits of an undermount sink?

Undermount kitchen sinks provide a more seamless look. For a modern design in particular, an undermount sink will allow the sink to look hidden.

As there is no visible sink lip (unlike inset applications), no dirt or water marks are visible around the outside lip of the sink. This makes it easier for cleaning and maintaining your sink.

Undermount sinks are available in a variety of kitchen sink materials. In the Abey Australia range, we have a large amount of undermount options in our Schock, Abey and Barazza Collections. There is an undermount sink for most price points and design requirements within our range.

Undermount kitchen sinks are particularly popular with stone or solid surface benchtops. To show off as much of the benchtop as possible, an undermount sink is perfect as it allows you to have as much countertop space as possible.

What are the downsides to undermount sinks?

One of the major disadvantages of undermount sinks is the cost to install. A qualified tradesperson is required. They must ensure the sink is cut out perfectly but is also installed correctly. As this takes additional time, the cost of installing this kitchen sink can be considerably more than a traditional inset design.

As each sink has a sink cut out hole that is unique to it, it is also difficult to retrofit a new sink into an existing hole. This might create an issue if you need to replace a sink in the future as it will also mean benchtops might need to be replaced or altered. It is therefore important to purchase a quality manufactured sink. Abey offers a comprehensive warranty on our kitchen sinks to ensure you get years out of your purchase. 

Due to the sink being mounted underneath the countertop, the sink will take up more storage space than a traditional inset application variety. It is important to plan what you want underneath your sink to ensure any storage bins or other kitchen utensils you were planning to store will fit.

Where to choose an undermount sink will depend upon your budget and design requirements. We always recommend seeing a kitchen design professional to ensure it is well planned.

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