How To Change Your Laundry Taps

There are a variety of design options available for your laundry, whether these include storage options, different sink choices and laundry mixer taps selections. Laundry taps in particular are one of the most important design choices in the room. Whether it is undertaking laundry renovations or changing your current laundry mixer, the two main areas to focus on when choosing a laundry tap are look and functionality. This guide will explore these two areas and provide a step by step installation process for changing a laundry tap.

Aesthetic Design

Design trends are constantly changing in homes and the laundry is no different. Originally, the laundry was seen as a purely functional room with limited design elements incorporated, but this has changed recently with new appliances and layouts coming to light. While trends will play a role in the design choices of your laundry room, it is important to focus on an overall theme that is both practical and fits in with the rest of the home. 

Many homes now have the laundry running off their kitchen which means that these themes are usually very similar, if not identical. When choosing a laundry tap design be sure to keep the style in-line with the room and any other rooms nearby. Alternatively, you can also look to go with a tap look that works across different themes and sink types, such as a chrome finish. The only time where it is recommended to go for something a bit different is when the design is looking to utilise the tap as a centrepiece in the room. However, this is usually used in conjunction with the sink. For instance, antique sinks are often used as focal points in a laundry and need a tap that will match or accentuate their style. 


Functionality is always important when it comes to laundry taps because, as with any tap, there is no point having something that is not fit for purpose. When it comes to the laundry however tap usage is slightly different compared to other areas of the house and depending on your household composition you may have varying requirements for your taps. For instance, one of the most common examples is with washing pets. Depending on the size of your pet (and how well behaved they are at bathtime). You will most likely need a laundry mixer with a pull out spray, as well as a tap that can be easily moved around.

Step By Step Instructions for Changing your Laundry Taps

Proper installation of a laundry tap has a number different steps to follow and it is important to follow them closely to ensure no mistakes are made:

  1. Ensure that you have all the correct tools on hand. A wrench, a socket wrench, a screwdriver & a pair of pliers is recommended to cover all bases. 
  2. Empty everything under the sink and put down towels to ensure a smooth installation. 
  3. Before dismantling the old tap, eliminate the water from the system. Open the tap head to release any water in the system and turn off the water valves.
  4. Loosen and remove the hoses from the water valves and be sure to keep a bucket underneath to catch any remaining water.
  5. Unscrew the tap nut/bolt underneath the sink, to loosen the tap fitting. 
  6. Once loosened, carefully lift the tap and the hoses upwards, removing it completely. 
  7. Clean the area properly before the installation of the new tap.
  8. Ensure that all the bolts & hoses are correctly connected to the new tap before the installation.
  9. Place the new tap in the hole and secure the tap fitting by screwing in the tap nut/bolt underneath.
  10. Once completed, attach the hoses from the tap to the water valves. Make sure they are securely fastened to avoid any spillage. 
  11. Finally, test the tap. Turning on the water valves and opening the tap will see if the installation has been done correctly.

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Gareth Ashton lucia Lucia SK5-2  Pull Out Spray Mixer Kitchen Taps & Mixers

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