How To Choose The Best Bathroom Basin?

Bathroom Wash Basin

Bathroom sinks are one of the most essential fixtures in your bathroom and therefore can also be one of the trickiest decisions. When deciding on the optimal bathroom basin for your space, the best way to help streamline this process is to focus on a the following key aspects:

Size of your Bathroom

One of the first things to take into account when choosing a bathroom sink is the measurements you have to work with. Determining how much space is available for a bathroom basin will come down to individual requirements around other fixtures (ex. bath tub vs shower) as well as the preference placed on particular pieces in a bathroom. 

The size available for the basin will in turn determine which sinks will be a viable fit. It is also worth noting that even in smaller bathroom areas, there are many options for more uniquely designed sinks that can be expertly placed within a bathroom to maximise usability and limit any wastage of unused space.

Sink Requirements – What do you need out of your bathroom sink?

Most people generally need it for washing their hands, however it is important to look beyond the why you use it and to look at who uses it. For instance, if the bathroom sink is predominantly being used by younger children then certain sink materials and designs such as a metal sink with sharp corners would not be recommended. For individuals who may have mobility issues it will also be important to focus on sink height and location in relation to other parts of the bathroom (i.e. can it be easily accessible from the toilet). Finally in some cases, multiple sinks can be a better option especially if a couple of people need to use the space at the same time and there are plenty of options when designing each of these areas, will they match or have a slightly different aesthetic to match their individal users preference/personality?

Mounting Options/Storage

Choosing the right option on how to mount your sink, will be based on a number of different factors, such as ease to clean, space available and storage needs. An undermount bathroom sink on one hand is the perfect solution for a house with children as it is hidden under the countertop. This ensures no damage can occur to the sink or potential accidents with the child and it can be easily cleaned when not in use. But an undermount option does mean that storage space underneath the sink is lost and in bathrooms where storage is crucial then another alternative may need to be looked at.

Bathroom Theme/Design

Finally, it’s important to consider the theme/design. Choose an option that blends in with the room’s aesthetics or alternatively opt for centrepieces which are designed to stand out from the rest of the room. The choice will come down to personal preference and depending on the theme of the room the choice of material and shape will also be important.

Choosing any fixture in a bathroom can be a challenging decision and it is always best to focus on the main aspects that will dictate your decision. To help determine the best sink choice for your bathroom, speak to one of Abey’s helpful team at one of their selection galleries today.

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