How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

There are many ways to upgrade a kitchen not only in terms of functionality, but also in relation to aesthetic design. One of the main areas in any kitchen is the sink and there are a few options available when undertaking this update not only in terms of the kitchen sink itself but also around the space itself.

Choosing a New Sink

The first option when looking to upgrade a kitchen sink is to replace the old one with a new sink. This is usually the most costly option and it is usually recommended either when looking to undertake a complete kitchen renovation or when the current kitchen sink is no longer fit for purpose. When looking to swap the sink this can be a like for like swap where a new sink with the same dimensions are utilised and mounting kept the same. The alternative option is to choose a different sink, while this is generally a more valued option, space and costing will need to be taken into account. When looking for a new updated sink, make sure it can be fitted within your kitchen space and that the quality of the new sink is equal to or better than the current option.

Updating The Kitchen Tap

A high quality kitchen sink is only as good as the accompanying kitchen tap. Similarly to kitchen sinks these can be updated through replacement of the mixer, improving both the overall look and function of the kitchen mixers. In terms of functionality there are several taps on offer including taps with pull outs that allow for easier washing of pots, pans and food in larger sinks. Kitchen tap design on the other hand will vary depending on personal preference and overall theme of the kitchen such as brass/copper for a farmhouse kitchen or a black for a more modern/contemporary theme.

Leveraging Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen sink accessories are the perfect way to help ensure your kitchen sink can help support a range of tasks in the kitchen. Generally every sink can be used to clean food and cooking utensils and there are several accessories that can be utilised for this. A draining board, sink fitted colander and an over-sink chopping board can all be massively beneficial when looking to prep and wash everything in one spot. It can also help to ensure any extra bench space is kept undisturbed and free for any appliances or tasks that need to be undertaken in the kitchen.

Deciding on how to upgrade your kitchen sink will ultimately come down to budget, space and personal preference. To help decide on the ideal choice for your home visit one of Abey’s multiple selection galleries today and view all the kitchen sinks on offer for yourself.

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