Kitchen Sink and Taps – A Buying Guide

Kitchen sink buying guide

The two main points of contention when looking to purchase the best kitchen sink and/or tap are functionality and aesthetic. Functionality has always been one of the focuses when it comes to kitchen sinks and taps, as the sink is the most utilised space within the kitchen. Nowadays with so many options available, there’s also a vast amount of designs and trends centred on aesthetics. With so many choices on offer it is easy to see how people can struggle to decide which sink is ideal for their needs. So what are the important aspects to focus on when buying a kitchen sink and tap?

Kitchen Sinks

The role of the kitchen sink has remained relatively the same over the last 50 years, but the design and materials afforded to them have changed drastically. This has not only allowed for added functionality benefits, but has also provided new and exciting design opportunities. When it comes to purchasing a kitchen sink there are four main areas all households should focus on:

1. What is my individual situation/requirements?

While it is true that kitchen sinks are generally utilised the same way across households, it is important to take stock of who uses your sink and how often. For example, ceramic kitchen sinks are particularly elegant and look beautiful in a rustic or farmhouse kitchen. Yet this material can also be broken and chipped more easily compared to stainless steel or stone, which may not make it the ideal option when you have young children at home. 

2. What space do I have to work with?

Unfortunately, nobody’s ideal kitchen sink will work if they don’t have the space available for it. Make sure you measure your space dimensions to determine what size sink can fit.

3. Quality over price

Kitchen sinks are utilised over and over again. Therefore when it comes to choosing we always recommend going with quality over price. Choosing materials that offer functional benefits such as high heat resistance, antibacterial properties and high durability means less to worry about and ensures the perfect kitchen sink for years to come. 

4. Choosing the final look

Of course design and looks are always going to be a feature with any household item. When it comes to choosing design there are two main schools of thought blending the sink in with its surroundings or utilising it as the main feature in the kitchen. Choosing which option will come down to personal preference and overall kitchen theme choice. 

Kitchen Sink And Taps

Kitchen Taps

Although not as large and prominent as the kitchen sink, kitchen taps need to be afforded equal care when choosing the perfect one for your home. 

1. What do I need from my tap?

Taps need to be able to effectively carry out the jobs you require. For instance, if you are a home cook who uses a larger sink then a tap with a pull out or swivel will be far more useful than a fixed option. 

For some households ergonomics may also come into play with the decision, especially in households with young children or elederly family members. Mixers have been found to be an easier to use option for those with reduced dexterity, compared to two handles.

2. Quality over price

Taps are vital to any kitchen as they provide the majority of water that yourself and your family drink and cook with. Therefore the last thing you want is your tap breaking apart after one year. To ensure high quality, always check the warranty on the product and make sure you purchase from a reputable vendor.  

3. Follow your sink design

Kitchen taps have always been the complimentary part of the kitchen sink, especially when it comes to design. If a kitchen sink is a focal point then the tap compliments the unique design, whereas if the kitchen sink blends in with the rest of the kitchen then the tap also matches. Be sure to understand how your kitchen tap will follow your sink design or your taps might look out of place.

Kitchen taps and sinks are a necessity in any kitchen and this guide will help you to ensure you focus on the key questions when choosing the perfect pieces for your home. To explore some high quality kitchen sinks and taps, book an appointment at Abey Australia today. 

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