Kitchen Sink And Tapware Packages

Kitchen Sink And Tap Packages

Choosing the perfect sink & tapware combination can be a difficult decision. Individuals will want to make sure that the products they are purchasing are high quality & are able to provide long lasting benefits for their home. On top of this the different pieces need to also aesthetically work with the rest of a living space. Thankfully Abey has recognised these needs in the market. Not only are all the products they sell made to the highest industry standard, but they also offer sink and tap packages. Providing easy matching choices across a wide range of design options and ultimately allowing for easy integration into a host of different kitchen themes.

Stainless Steel Sink Packages

With these kitchen sinks Abey provides stainless steel taps with several design options. This includes goosenecks, curved heads and pull outs which allows for the perfect tap to be picked to match individual requirements in the kitchen.

Abey’s collection of stainless steel sinks offer the perfect option for individuals looking for a high quality, simplistic solution that will fit in with a variety of different kitchens. Highly durable & sleek the stainless steel sinks are available in both large and small options which can be perfect for smaller apartments to separate homes. From a large single bowl, a large and ¾ bowl combination or a small single bowl, there is something available for everyone.

Abey abey-packages Lucia Bowl & Three Quarter Square Neck Kitchen Mixer Pack Kitchen Sinks
Abey abey-packages Alfresco 540 Large Bowl Sink with Drain Tray & Laios Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Kitchen Sinks
Schock abey-packages Schock Typos 1 & 3/4 Bowl with Drainer & 400456C Kitchen Mixer Concrete Kitchen Sinks
Schock abey-packages Schock Typos Single Bowl with Drainer & 400456B Kitchen Mixer Onyx Kitchen Sinks

Composite Granite Sink Packages

Abey’s composite granite sinks are provided by Schock, a pioneer in quartz composite sinks since 1979. All Schock sinks use state-of-the-art composite Nanogranite® materials which allow for high durability, exceptional strength and easy maintenance. Similar to the stainless steel sinks, there are a few different options for potential buyers such as sinks with in-built drainers. While the various finishes available across these sinks means that they can be easily integrated into several different colour schemes.

As highlighted above, the kitchen taps available with these packages showcase a mixer located on top of the product. The body of the tap can then be adjusted to match the colour scheme of the accompanying sink. Meaning that users receive a perfectly matching sink & tap combination everytime.

Fireclay Sink Packages

Chambord provides high end ceramic sinks that are perfect for individuals looking to introduce elegant french design into their kitchen design. With over 3 generations of development, the fireclay sinks are made of Chambord’s Fireclay material and are perfect for a traditional or rustic look. Easy to clean and highly resistant to temperature, these sinks are available in a number of different mountings as well as single bowl or double bowl options.

The taps available further highlight the beautiful look in these packages, with a unique designed tap available in several different finishes including brushed nickel, bronze and chrome. Helping to further emulate the traditional look and feel of these sink packages.

Chambord abey-packages Chambord Clotaire Large Double Bowl Sink & 400674 Kitchen Mixer in Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sinks
Chambord abey-packages Chambord Clotaire Small Single Bowl Sink & PALAIS Kitchen Mixer in Bronze Kitchen Sinks

If packages are not what you’re looking for, don’t forget to check out our individual Abey Sink Bunnings and Abey Tap range. Avoid the stress of trying to find the perfect kitchen sink and tap combination. Head over to one of Abey’s selection galleries and find the perfect kitchen sinkware and tapware package today.

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