Laundry Sink Ideas

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Traditionally when it came to the laundry, functionality was the main requirement in most households. This was also especially true when it came to specific pieces such as laundry sinks, which were usually utilised for cleaning clothes and even pets. Thankfully over the decades this has changed and today aesthetic design has caught up with the functionality needs of the modern household. This in turn has allowed for many homes to rethink and explore new and exciting ideas to design their laundry in relation to storage, layouts and finishes. This article will explore laundry sinks and some of the different options available and hopefully help to spark some new ideas for your next laundry renovation. 

1. Bigger Sinks Aren’t Always Better

When it comes to laundry sinks, your first instinct is to go with the largest option possible, as this has always been a traditional functional choice. Today with homes becoming smaller and washing machines available in almost every home, large laundry sinks are sometimes not needed. This can open up a few other design opportunities; for example, a small laundry sink that can fit on top of a bench (freeing up bench space underneath) or more uniquely designed sinks that can fit in limited countertop space such as a L shaped sink for tight corners. 

2. Going Rustic

Whilst times and designs have changed, you might still enjoy adding rustic pieces throughout your home as conversation starters. This is also the same when it comes to the laundry, but as mentioned previously, in these cases functionality also still needs to be a top priority. This is where options such as steel laundry troughs come into play, marrying the reliability and high quality needed to be functional pieces in the room, with the traditional aesthetic that is so highly valued.

3. Exposed Sinks

An increasingly popular trend, exposed sinks involve installing the sink within the benchtop, with the front of the sink lining up or protruding from the front of the bench and cabinetry (as shown below). This new look helps to break up the monotony of the benchtops design and provides a distinctive look for any laundry room. Typically, this style usually utilises stone or ceramic laundry sinks to provide a true contrast with the timber of the benchtop and surrounding cabinetry.

4. Maximise Bench Space With The Hidden Sink

In stark contrast to the centrepieces, this option looks at hiding your laundry sink when not in use. It is first important to note that this option is only viable for a laundry sink that is inserted into the benchtop with no lip (undermount installation). This installation then allows for a piece of material that matches the size of the sink and the design of the benchtop to be placed over the top of the sink. Essentially hiding it from view when not in use and allowing for a larger amount of bench space, which can be especially beneficial when doing jobs such as organising washing.

The best laundry sinks provide plenty of different options in terms of both functionality and aesthetic choice. However, when it comes to finding the perfect option to suit your individual requirements look no further than Abey Australia. Book an appointment at Abey Australia today and bring your laundry sink ideas to life.

Laundry Sink Ideas

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