Laundry Spouts at Abey

Abey Australia offers a variety of laundry pieces, primarily focused around laundry taps and laundry sinks. Abey’s laundry taps in particular are available as either one complete set, encompassing both the handle/handles and the spout, or as individual products with spouts and handles sold separately. While the individual pieces offer a smaller range, compared to their complete set counterparts, there is a greater option for mixing and matching when deciding on a final combination. This article explores a couple of the laundry spout options available at Abey Australia.

Lucia GooseNeck Laundry Spout

Gareth Ashton lucia Lucia GooseNeck Laundry Spout Laundry Spouts & Taps

As the name suggests, the design of this spout represents a curved design emulating that of a gooseneck. This laundry spout is part of Gareth Ashton’s Lucia range and showcases an elegant and practical design. The spout offers a 4 star WELS rating allowing for water flow of  7L/min and is available in chrome.

Lucia Square Neck Laundry Spout

Gareth Ashton lucia Lucia Square Neck Laundry Spout Laundry Spouts & Taps

From the same range as the Lucia GooseNeck Laundry Spout, the Square Neck holds many of the similar features. This design follows a more defined boxed look, but still offers a beautiful final product. This spout is also available in chrome and provides a 4 star WELs rating with a slightly higher flow rate of 7.5L/min.

Abey Laundry Tap Handles

Alongside this laundry tapware Abey provides a number of different laundry tap handle options. All of these options are available as wall mounted handles, but each provides slightly different designs allowing for choice to create a unique final laundry tap and handle set. The Lucia Wall Top Assemblies are also available in both chrome and black, providing an alternative aesthetic choice in your laundry room.

Gareth Ashton lucia Lucia Wall Top Assemblies Laundry Spouts & Taps

Lucia Wall Top Assemblies

Lucia Wall Top Assemblies
Gareth Ashton lucia Lucia Washing Machine Stops Laundry Spouts & Taps

Lucia Washing Machine Stops

Abey’s laundry spouts provide a simple yet graceful design that can be easily integrated into any laundry space. The finishes and the smooth lines in each of the designs allows one to mix and match these pieces with other products to achieve a completely one of a kind final look. To view these pieces for yourself and see how they can be installed in your laundry, head down to one of Abey’s selection galleries.

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