Abey Australia’s lead-free kitchen tap solutions

lead-free kitchen taps

In recent times, there has been a push to reduce the amount of dangerous lead in our drinking water. It has been found that even very low levels of lead exposure in children can cause damage to their nervous system, learning disabilities, reduced growth and impaired hearing as well as other issues. In the US, their Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that drinking water can make up 20% or more of our exposure to lead

Brass is used to manufacture most kitchen tapware. The lead content in the brass allows the tapware to be easily machined during the manufacturing process. However, this lead can make its way into our drinking water from brass tapware fittings leaching lead out. This causes lead levels in our drinking water to exceed the lead amounts permitted by Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.  

Thanks to our commitment to low-lead technology, Abey Australia has a range of tapware where the lead content levels (by weighted average) that are less than one quarter of one percent (.25%). At this content level, our drinking water is Lead-Free. 

Below is a table that indicates the Abey Australia tapware products, that are manufactured using our lead-free brass technology (as at May 2021):

BrandCollectionWebsite Link
Gareth AshtonVela Bathroom Tapware
Gareth AshtonPoco Bathroom TapwarePoco Website Collection
Gareth AshtonPoco K Bathroom TapwarePoco K Website Collection
Gareth Ashton316 Kitchen & BathroomGA 316 Website Collection
Gareth Ashton6K1 Kitchen Mixer6K1 Kitchen Mixer Website Link
Gareth AshtonSK5-2 Kitchen MixerSK5-2 Kitchen Mixer Website Link
GESSIAll Ranges in Kitchen & BathroomGESSI Website Collection
GESSI EmporioAll Ranges in Kitchen & BathroomGESSI Emporio Website Collection
SchockAlfresco 316 Kitchen TapwareSchock Alfresco Website Collection


As your safety is our priority Abey Australia, all of Abey Australia’s tapware will be moving to lead-free processes within the next three years.

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