New Chambord LEGRANDE Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Since 1896, Chambord has utilised the same techniques and precision which has allowed the brand to continue to provide the optimal sink choice for thousands of homes worldwide. Still today, Chambord is synonymous with high quality, beautiful French craftsmanship across their range of kitchen sinks. By purchasing a Chambord sink,you’re able to bring in a piece of history and prestige into your home and, in continuing with this tradition, Chambord is proud to introduce their new LEGRANDE Kitchen Sinks. 

LEGRANDE Kitchen Sinks

Showcasing high-end european design, the LEGRANDE kitchen sinks offer the ideal option for those looking to bring in a rustic, yet elegant look to their kitchen. Rustic kitchen designs in particular have been an ever-popular kitchen trend. With the aesthetic usually highlighted by high visibility of either raw wood, dark and white colours or products that have a more homespun finish such as brass, copper and of course ceramic.

Similar to Chambord’s other kitchen sinks, the LEGRANDE kitchen sinks are made of Fireclay ceramic. This material is not only easy to clean, but it is temperature resistant and effortlessly hygienic, providing a splendid option for any kitchen. The LEGRANDE Kitchen sinks are perfect for those looking for top quality french farmhouse sinks to utilise either as a statement piece or as an integration into a rustic kitchen design.


Ceramic Kitchen Sinks




As can be seen from the products above, some sinks highlight a reversible design trend with a pattern on one side and a smooth side on the other. All sinks also come in varying styles and sizes, meaning you have a variety of choices when it comes to picking the sink to fit your space requirements and aesthetic preference. On top of this, each of the sinks also come with a sliding cutting board and grid providing maximum usability and a smart space saving design which is perfect for any kitchen.

If you are looking for top end european kitchen sinks then look no further than the new Chambord LEGRANDE Kitchen Sinks. Encompassing all the qualities and traits that have made Chambord a household name in the kitchen, these sinks are the ideal choice for any household. Not only do they provide an exquisite french design, but they are also built to last and be heavily used for many years to come.

Find out more about the new Chambord LEGRANDE Kitchen sinks and how you can bring a superb french kitchen sink into your home by requesting an appointment at Abey Australia today.

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