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Popular Black Kitchen Sink

As one of the most functional areas of the kitchen, not only do sinks need to be built for purpose, they also need to fit in with the overall style of the room. Nowadays there are a variety of kitchen sink styles available to match any individual’s preferences. When deciding on a kitchen sink style, it is important to take note of your requirements (for example is a large or small kitchen sink needed), as well as the overall design choice you are looking to achieve.

Abey Australia provides a huge range of kitchen sinks from the highest quality brands such as Barazza, Schock, Chambord and Abey’s very own collection. The styles available also vary across sizes, installation options and finishes ensuring that there is something available for everyone. Let’s explore some of the more popular sink styles in the market.

Modern Chic Sinks

When someone says modern, the first thing people look at is what is new and unique in the market. Kitchen sink styles aren’t just for blending into the background anymore and in many cases can actually be centrepieces that become the focal point of the room. When looking for something showstopping, look now further than Schock kitchen sinks. Made with their patented Cristadur and Cristalite, these granite sinks not only look beautifully modern, but are also easy to clean and are the perfect statement piece for any modern kitchen.

Schock typos Schock Typos Double Bowl Croma Kitchen Sinks
Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Croma Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse Rustic Sinks

The traditional look for any kitchen, the main materials in this design usually focus around steel, ceramic & brass. When looking at sink design options, a traditional one is the ceramic look such as the Chambord collection, which provides a sophisticated provincial French design that seamlessly fits in with any rural look. The second option is more focused on functionality, made of stainless steel. Perfect for any busy home, the stainless steel kitchen sink option is an exceptional choice for individuals that use their sink multiple times throughout the day and want to avoid any potential damage.

Chambord chambord-clotaire Chambord Clotaire Large Double Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sinks
Barazza cubo Barazza 400 Cubo Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Hidden Sinks

Bench space can be at a premium in many smaller homes and unfortunately sinks can take up a large amount of space. This is where hidden sinks come into play. These sinks are fitted as undermount kitchen sinks meaning that the sink itself is dropped into the benchtop with no overhang on any of the sides. It is through this installation that individuals can then look to place material over the sink that matches their benchtop, meaning that it is completely hidden when not in use.

Workstation Sinks

When looking from a functionality standpoint there are a few materials that can work tremendously well and, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, workstation sinks are becoming an increasingly popular style. These sinks usually come in both a single or double kitchen sink option with either a drainer or preparation area allowing for maximal efficiency in the space. These sinks are perfect for individuals looking for a greater focus on practicality and with the variety of materials available these sinks can either blend in with their surroundings or stand out as a major fixture in the area.

Schock abey-packages Schock Typos 1 & 3/4 Bowl with Drainer & 400456A Kitchen Mixer Alpina Kitchen Sinks
Abey piazza-finishes Piazza Double Square Bowl Black Pearl Kitchen Sinks

When choosing sinks, practicality and design both play a major role. However thankfully, there are so many options and variations in the market that there is something available to satisfy anyone’s requirements and design preference. Book an appointment at Abey Australia today and view the host of kitchen sink styles on offer for yourself.

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