Quality Laundry Sinks

stainless steel laundry sink

Our laundry areas have evolved from a functional space to one that commands quality fixtures and fittings. The interior design of the laundry is also an important factor and is now following many of the trends and materials that are used in the kitchen.

What are they different types of laundry sinks?

Choosing the right combination of materials to use is an important aspect of bringing an inspirational laundry room design to life. Abey Australia can assist in this process with our vast range of laundry sink materials.

Stainless Steel Laundry Sinks

The most traditional laundry sink material is stainless steel. The significant benefit of a Stainless Steel laundry sink is its durability. It is stain-resistant, they do not crack, chip or peel. Cleaning is also a breeze with most stains coming off with warm soapy water. If you use your sink often for soaking, stain removal and bleaching then a stainless option is the best choice.

Abey Australia has one of the largest varieties of laundry sinks on the market. Being able to be moulded easy during production, Abey has stainless steel sinks available in a variety of shapes from traditional round designs through the modern square shape. Abey’s laundry sinks also have the option of coming with a by-pass and overflow.

Schock Granite Laundry Sinks

The use of coloured sinks in the kitchen has been popular over the last few years. To ensure design continuity, coloured sinks are also now being installed in the laundry. The ability to bring colour into your laundry trough can be achieved with Abey’s Schock granite laundry sinks. Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 in Germany, where they are still manufactured. Schock sinks are available in their Cristalite sink material. Cristalite sinks have a more textured feel to the surface and are available in many modern colours. The choice of colours including Onyx (Black), Alpina (White), Concrete and Croma.

Schock laundry sinks are not only design savvy, they offer the benefit of being durable, hygienic and stain resistant.

granite laundry sink

Ceramic (Fireclay) Laundry Sinks

Chambord French Provincial laundry sinks are the perfect laundry product as their fireclay material is easy to clean, insensitive to temperature and perfectly hygienic. Manufactured in Europe, the range of ceramic laundry sinks consists of a variety of sizes as well as designs to compliment the farmhouse inspired look.

ceramic laundry sink

Our Product Warranty

The warranty of your laundry sink should be a consideration in the purchase of your product. It is strongly recommended that your product choice is from a reputable company with a strong emphasis on after sales and service. Abey has a dedicated after sales team and stake the reputation of the business on the quality products that it Abey sink warranty vary depending on the material of choice. For up to date information on our warranty please visit abey.com.au.

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