Resort Shower Design Ideas

When it comes to showers there are a range of different options available for both indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoor showers have been rising in popularity and can offer a multitude of different options to reinvigorate an indoor space, as well as an outdoor area. Abey Australia even offers the Armando Vicario Resort Shower amongst its extensive range of showers to provide new avenues for customers looking to renovate and redesign their home. 

Made of marine grade 316 stainless steel the Armando Vicario Resort shower offers a durable & reliable shower for any setting. The shower is easy to clean, with a progressive single lever shower mixer allowing for easy use from children to adults. It is also available in both a stainless steel or black finish to provide easy assimilation into any design aesthetic. Finally, it is a completely free standing shower, with a hidden shower head and easily conceals into the base of the shower, allowing for a clean, modern/industrial style to be achieved.

So how can this shower be utilized to develop your indoor aesthetic?

One relatively new idea in the market is the idea of the main bathroom utilising an outdoor shower. This involves a free standing shower stall being created, which is then connected through a screen door or fold away doors to the rest of the bathroom. Not only does this design allow for greater space in the bathroom itself but, as can be seen in some of the examples below, it allows for integration of other aspects such as plants, wood or stone. This can leave your bathroom area with a much more modern & unique design, which can be highly effective in driving added value, whilst adding new space & dimensions to your interior design.

On the other hand, the resort shower also serves a function of providing easy access for users to either cool/wash off after a day outside. Most commonly resort showers can be found near pools or at properties close to the beach. Allowing for quick access to wash off any salt water, chlorine or even sand before heading inside the house. As resort showers are designed to provide ease of use they can be easily tucked away in the main outdoor space, minimising overexposure on the landscape and ensuring the overall outdoor aesthetic is maintained.

Outdoor showers provide a wealth of opportunities to provide a new dynamic to your property, whilst growing your overall property value. Whilst Abey’s high quality resort shower is the perfect example of such a product, it is only natural to want to truly see, feel and envision the product before purchasing. With selection galleries across Australia’s major cities, don’t hesitate to come in and see how a resort shower can add value to your home today. Don’t forget to check out our full shower range.

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