Schock Carbon Sinks

Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 and have been constantly reinventing it ever since. The result is more than 200 sink models in as many as 40 Colours. Handmade in Germany, Schock is renowned for their global leadership in manufacturing and distributing Granite sinks to the world. In fact, over 1.5 million Schock sinks are sold globally each year!

As the innovator of the sink industry, searching for ground-breaking materials is in Schock’s DNA. Schock has taken this to the next level with the recent introduction of their Carbon Fibre sink range.

A Carbon Fibre sink? Sounds high-tech and futuristic. In fact, Schock Carbon Fibre sinks are made from a genuine material of the future – a world first. The special thing about Carbon Fibre? It is both very light and very tough, ideal of sinks that are built to cope with anything you can throw at them. Carbon Fibre already a high-tech material used to manufacture such products as supercars, aircraft and sporting equipment. Bringing Carbon Fibre into the kitchen is a perfect match!

Schock soho Schock SOHO Single Bowl Magma Kitchen Sinks

Schock has released the Carbon Fibre range in three distinctive sizes. The N100S model is the smallest of the range and perfectly square – L456 x W456mm. Particularly space-saving it is ideal for small kitchen spaces to add a classy look. In fact, this sink size has been used in Europe on my high-end boat build kitchens.

Schock carbon Schock Carbon Fibre N-100 Single Bowl Sink Kitchen Sinks

The N100 model is perfect for modern premium kitchens with its linear design. The medium size of L556 x W456mm is ideal for a Butler’s pantry or can be teamed up with modern metallic kitchen mixers to create a focal point in your kitchen design.

Schock signus Schock Signus Large Single Bowl Sink Magma Kitchen Sinks

The largest of the models – the N100XL will upgrade any kitchen. The large size of L832 x W489mm can take on the largest of kitchen pans easily. Its luxury lines and finish will make wash up times a breeze.

All of Schock’s Carbon Fibre sinks come with a 25 year warranty.

To see the range, contact your local Abey Selection Gallery for an appointment. If you’re looking for other laundry sinks, see our full range.

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