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Schock Sinks

Never Ordinary. Every Day. Schock strongly upholds this mantra by continuing to mix high-end German craftsmanship with new innovative technologies. From the invention of the quartz composite sink in 1979, Schock has continued to pioneer and research new and exciting developments in the kitchen sinkware industry. One such development has been the creation of their Premium Cristalite Sinks.

What are Cristalite Sinks?

Manufactured and handmade in the Bavarian Forest of Germany, the first thing individuals will notice is that Cristalite sinks are slightly rough and stony to the touch. This is due to the fact that these robust composite sinks are made up of between 70-75% of natural quartz sand (the hardest constituent of granite). However, despite their strong nature, these sinks can also be easily repaired and are easy to clean. 

The high durability and design of the Cristalite sink means that not only do they always remain on trend, but they offer longevity for many years to come. The sinks themselves also provide several other benefits to the user:

  • Dirt repellant
  • Odour free 
  • Heat resistance up to 180°C
  • Highly hygienic
  • Impact resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Stain resistant

Known as the fashionable classic with a rugged finish, the Cristalites sinks also come in a variety of different shades of colour (Alpina – Black, Onyx – White, Concrete and Croma) to easily integrate into any contemporary kitchenscape. 

Exploring the Schock Range

Schock sinks offer a multitude of options in their sinkware range. Whether it is a single basin, double basin or one of their Schock preparation stations. Schock has something to fit any individual’s requirements. Let’s examine some of the range available through Abey Australia.

The smart external dimensions of the Schock Quadro Single Bowl means that individuals can create a premium-quality look even in the smallest of kitchens. This undermount option, shown here in concrete, also comes in several other colours and offers a range of optional extras such as a stainless steel drying rack, a chopping block and a drain tray.  

The combination of a classic design and ultra-modern materiality, the Schock Typos 1 and 3/4 Bowl with Drainer is perfect for the avid cook. With two 16 litre and 26 litre bowls, this sink is perfect to help wash food, whilst still providing easy access to clean kitchenware as you go. The accompanying draining space also provides flexibility to prepare food or dry pots and pans through the use of the optional extra bamboo cutting board and drying rack.

Schock quadro Schock Quadro Single Bowl Concrete Kitchen Sinks
Schock typos Schock Typos 1 & 3/4 Bowl with Drainer Onyx Kitchen Sinks

There are also several other various combinations of these sinks available including single bowls with drainer areas, equally sized double bowls and different sized double bowls. Meaning that the perfect sink can be found to fit in with any space. 

Impressive looks and performance, Schock’s Cristalite Sinks offer individuals longevity and timeless design without breaking the bank. The Cristalite Sinks showcase over 40 years of innovation in sinkware and the constant strive by Schock to be less ordinary. View these sinks for yourself today and visit one of Abey’s selection galleries

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