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Established in 1924, Schock announced itself on the world stage with the creation of quartz composite sinks in 1979. Quartz sand itself is one of the toughest constituents of granite, allowing for highly durable, strong and tough sinks, which have become synonymous with the Schock brand. Highly motivated and fueled by the invention, Schock has continued to revolutionise the kitchen sink. Today the company holds approximately 90 patents, whilst boasting a range of over 200 sink models with over 40 different colours and finishes. Further cementing their company motto “Never ordinary. Every day”, Schock distributes to over 70 countries worldwide and has made sure to keep the design and manufacturing of their sinks in-house. With sinks still being handmade in Germany, ensuring high-quality control and standards are met for every sink that comes out of their Bavarian Forest factory. Today more than 60% of the world’s sinks are created using Schock’s method, highlighting the true stature of their innovation. One recent product that also highlights this innovation is their Schock Preparation Station, which brings together the high qualities of the Schock sinks with the German focus on the innovative craftsmanship, efficiency and technology.

Revolutionising Sinks: The Schock Preparation Station

As many people know, the kitchen is the heart of the home and statistically, the most frequented and used part of a kitchen is the sink and surrounding areas. Whether it be preparing food or washing up dishes, Schock understood the importance of mixing practicality with efficiency when producing their Schock Preparation Station. Representing a huge step in innovation, the Schock Preparation Station’s design and build assists any user through the entire food preparation process.

Schock prepstation Schock Preparation Station Kitchen Sinks

With a sink size of 114cm X 46cm, the station itself comprises 1 ½ basin and an adjacent work surface allowing for minimal movement during food prep. The small basin is perfect for washing food, while the accompanying work surface can be utilised to chop and dice. The smaller ½ basin can then be used to collect any food scraps such as eggshells or fruit/vegetable peelings, allowing for the main basin to be purely for washing of food and kitchen utensils.

The Schock Preparation Station also includes a chopping board, colander & prep bowl as accessories, all culminating in the overall target of negating the need to move away from the station and increasing overall food preparation efficiency. The Schock Preparation Station’s material also offers a number of advantages including being dirt-repellent, odour and heat resistant, food-safe, pro-hygienic (guaranteed patented surface quality from Schock) and stain-resistant; making the Shock Preparation Station the perfect practical sink ware solution for any home.

Schock prepstation Schock Preparation Station Kitchen Sinks
Schock prepstation Schock Preparation Station Kitchen Sinks
Schock prepstation Schock Preparation Station Kitchen Sinks

Not only is the design highly pragmatic, but the finish linked to the product also provides further added benefits. The Schock Preparation Station’s Cristadur finish is a unique premium finish and offers a 15-year warranty, easy-care dirt-repellent effects, silky texture and shimmering colours which has also led to Schock winning numerous design awards. The colours are available in four different options including Magma, Stone, Polaris & Bronze and while the recommended tap to fit with this system is the Conos Pro Tap, this can also be changed and adapted to allow for the Schock Preparation Station to easily fit in with the theme and layout of any kitchen.

Schock has aimed to make “life around the kitchen sink more beautiful, convenient and colourful in even new ways with innovation, passion and craftsmanship”. The Schock Preparation Station is a testament to this very philosophy providing an opportunity for individuals to add a unique and innovative piece of German engineering and design to their home. View the Schock Preparation Station for yourself today.

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