Space Saving Laundry Sink Options

Space Saving Laundry Sinks

Laundries are one of the most functional areas in any home. In many cases this room is usually very small in relation to other parts of a home. Therefore, people are becoming increasingly interested in space saving opportunities for the laundry while still being able to do complete washing and drying comfortably.

A problem area when it comes to maximising space is the laundry sink, which can either take up a disproportionate amount of benchtop space or limit the inclusion of other amenities. There are a few spacing saving ideas for laundry sinks that can be utilised in any laundry room.

What are space saving laundry sink ideas?

1. Choosing The Right Sink Size

People often overestimate how much space they actually require for a laundry tub. Nowadays the vast majority of us only need to wash small amounts of clothing. Take note of what you actually use your laundry sink for and whether a small laundry sink could still fill your requirements.

2. Gaining Sink Storage

A sink fitting can determine how much space is available for storage. This need for storage will vary depending on the home. If storage is needed a countertop sink would be a recommended solution. As the name suggests, this sink can sit on top of the counter meaning that there is minimal intrusion into the cabinet space below. This means that the cabinetry underneath can have greater storage.

3. Use Sink Shape To Your Advantage

Choosing the right sink shape can help to gain extra space in a laundry by minimising any wastage in the areas around the sink. A perfect example of this is utilising a rectangular sink and putting it flush to the corner of the laundry room or choosing a slimline laundry tub and placing it so that the length of the sink matches the depth of the benchtop. Critically look at how the space you have available can be geometrically broken down to ensure there is no empty space leftover. 

4. Hidden Sink

When deciding on the best space saving option for your laundry, it is important to determine not only how you would like your sink installed but also what your preferences are. Is it to maximise storage, countertop space or simply to fit a sink to match your current layout? Once you have determined your preference you can begin searching for the optimal laundry sink for your space. 

While the idea of hiding a sink sounds complex, the design is relatively simple and can drastically help improve bench space. The first thing to note is that this will only work with an undermount sink, this means that the sink sits below the counter top. This setup allows for the sink to be covered or hidden with a piece of wood or plastic that matches the countertop look. Allowing for more countertop space and the sink to be hidden when not in use. 

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