Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are available in a wide variety of options each of which offers their own unique aesthetic. While all bathroom mirrors showcase the same general function size, location and shape can all play an impact on how they are utilised. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of mirrors found in bathrooms today.

What are the different types of bathroom mirrors?

1. Round Mirrors

One of the more increasingly popular mirror types, round bathroom mirrors help to provide a softer look to a bathroom through their curved shape. It is because of their shape that these mirrors are perfect for smaller spaces as they can help to give the impression of a larger area. When it comes to pairing with sinks the versatility of the shape allows for either round or rectangular sinks to be paired, depending on the geometric shapes being utilised in the bathroom.

2. Pill Shaped Mirrors

Similar to the round mirrors, a pill shaped mirror is the perfect middle group between a round mirror and the classic rectangular mirror option. The pill shape allows for maximising of size, while still maintaining a softer look and can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal manner (depending on personal preference). This type of mirror works particularly well in contemporary or farmhouse bathroom themes.

3. Rectangular Mirrors

The rectangular mirror has come a long way from a simple rectangular mirror attached to the wall. As one of the mirrors that offers the largest viewing space this type of bathroom mirror is still tremendously popular and comes in a variety of different design options. Framed rectangular mirrors help to offer a different aesthetic to the mirror itself and can be utilised to help colour coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. Smaller groups of rectangular mirrors are also popular and usually double as storage options. Curved rectangular mirrors have also become more utilised to help soften the overall look and help compliment other harder geometric shapes utilised in the sink area.

4. Tri Fold Mirrors

Tri Fold mirrors were utilised in the past on top of dressing tables to help users get ready for big nights out with friends or family. Nowadays the trifold mirror has moved from the bedroom to the bathroom, maintaining their original function but with more modern functionality. Due to their size these types of mirrors work best in larger bathrooms.

5. Vanity Mirrors

Generally smaller mirrors, vanity mirrors are used to help apply makeup or shave due to their concave shape which allows for greater focus on specific areas of the face. When it comes to vanity mirrors there are options of both stand alone which can be moved between rooms or going with a wall mounted vanity mirror. Choosing between the two will come down to size of the bathroom and personal preference.

6. Mirror With Lights

Another increasingly popular trend is the use of bathroom mirrors with lights and there are a couple of different choices available. For example, light around the rim is perfect if you are looking to increase the functionality of the mirror by helping to illuminate your face. Alternatively you can also go with a softer backlight behind the mirror to create more ambient lighting within the bathroom space.

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, choice is plentiful. Be sure to research your space, budget and options to ensure you get the perfect mirror for your bathroom space.

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