What are the different types of Shower Heads?

Abey Shower Heads

Taking some time to consider the right shower head for your next bathroom renovation or new build is well worth it. Shower Head options have come a long way in both their features as well as their mounting applications. Choosing the shower head will depend on not only your budget but also the design and practicality you require. Let us take you through the options that are available.

1. Horizontal/Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Horizontal/Wall Mounted Shower Heads are by far the most popular option available. Like the name suggests, the mounting of the shower is on the wall. This option is the easiest to install and are less costly to purchase than many of the other options. However, as the arm of the shower head cannot be changed, it is important to ensure it is installed at a height that will work for all who will be using it. The aesthetic design of this shower head in the Abey range is quite comprehensive. You have the choice of a round or square design as well as our provincial inspired design. In most of our options you also have the choice of different finishes which will your Abey tapware options to complete the look.

For a more luxurious bathe, choose a shower which has a variety of functions so you can change the water spray. Abey’s Gareth Ashton Five Function Shower LAA01 not only has this function it is at a fabulous price point (see ABS 5 Function Round Shower with 190mm Arm #LAA01).

2. Vertical/Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

A luxury spa look can be achieved by mounting your bathroom shower on the ceiling. This option is generally more expensive as pipework needs to be installed in your ceiling to cater for such an application. To ensure your water pressure is going to work and to review the weight and length of the product you want to use, we recommend speaking to your plumber before deciding on this option.

Abey’s round and square options are also available in this option as well as our variety of finishes that match with the Abey tapware chosen.

Our GESSI Goccia Collection features the most unique vertical shower head on the market. This Italian-made and designed range by bespoke designer Prospero Rasulo. The design was inspired by a droplet of water. Teamed with the tapware in the range, it will make a statement for those wanting an innovative design (see Goccia Ceiling Mounted Shower H387mm #33781).

3. Showers on Rail

For those needing a more practical and flexible option, a shower on rail is an astute choice. Our Abey range again has an immense range of options. A shower on rail can consist of a handheld option as well as a handheld with an overhead shower. The ability to use this option with a vertical or horizontal shower and a diverter is also a popular option.

A handheld shower has the added advantage of allowing you to wash your kids and pets with ease. It also provides a great tool for cleaning a shower or hard to reach areas with its flexible hose.  

One of our most popular Showers on Rail is our Gareth Ashton Curve Hand Rail and Shower Ensemble (see Curve Rail and Hand Shower Ensemble #RHB07 ). It has the ability of both a shower as well as a handheld, is reasonably priced and is available in all of our Gareth Ashton tapware finishes.

See our full range of bathroom showers and shower heads. You can also call into your local Abey Selection Gallery to see the range as well as some of our working displays to make your choice easy.

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