Upgrade Your Kitchen with The Modern TINK Kitchen Mixer


Armando Vicario is a world renowned family business dedicated to producing high-quality innovative kitchen taps, bathroom taps and showers to suit any living space. One example of this high-quality craftsmanship are their TINK Kitchen Mixers which make up but a small part of the wide range on offer, through their partnership with Abey Australia.

Why TINK Kitchen Mixers

A boutique manufacturer and designer with more than 35 years of experience. Armando Vicario offers sleek, simple and stylish kitchen taps with the TINK Kitchen taps being no exception. Each of these taps features a modern sculptured base, elegant side lever and a swivel spout. There are two main TINK kitchen taps on offer, the TINK-D Kitchen Mixer With Pull-Out and the TINK Kitchen Mixer. As the name highlights, one offers a pull-out design allowing for easy maneuverability and usage, while the other stationary design can be easily integrated into any kitchen space. 

Both taps showcase a hooked long-neck design accompanied by a host of various finishes. These finishes can be utilised to compliment different settings and kitchen themes. For instance, the gold finish can fit in perfectly with marble aesthetics or white backdrops. Whereas the chrome finish highlights a modern look that would seamlessly blend in with wooden or darker finishes. The kitchen taps can also be utilised as the perfect centrepiece in a kitchen, helping to provide individuals with the ideal tap to fit with individual requirements.


The taps also offer the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. The kitchen mixers provide a WELS rating of 4 star (Tink Mixer) and 5 star (Tink-D Mixer) which equates to 6.5L/min and 5.5 L/min respectively. On top of this Armando Vicario offers a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on their cartridges, and 1 year on parts and labour. This ensures that all customers receive the very best possible product possible, for as long as possible. 

Italian designed and manufactured, the Armando Vicario TINK Kitchen Mixers showcase the very best of european style and function. Making them the perfect taps for customers looking to create, revitalise or renovate their ideal kitchen space. 
Upgrade your kitchen today and view the Armando Vicario TINK taps in person by visiting one of Abey’s selection galleries located across Australia today.

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