Using Schock Sinks In Your Laundry

Schock Laundry Sinks

When it comes to quartz composite sinks, Schock has been a pioneer since 1979. Not only did Schock initially invent the sink, but they have continued to develop and revolutionise the product. From new manufacturing processes to the creation of two of their bespoke materials Cristadur and Cristalite, Schock sinks are now better than ever!

Whilst utilised mainly in the kitchen, many aspects of Schock sinks have made it a highly viable solution to use in other areas of the home. One area in particular which can benefit from these sinks is in the laundry room, where a sink is not just an aesthetic piece but a highly functional aspect.

What Makes Schock Sinks Perfect For The Laundry

Made up of upto 80% natural quartz sand (the hardest constituent of granite), Schock sinks utilise state-of-the-art composite Nanogranite® materials. While many other sinks might have issues, Schock can handle a wide variety of different jobs due to the exceptional strength and durability offered by the materials. From cleaning small pets to young children, Schock sinks can handle any job making them perfect for any laundry room.

Despite being known as a highly durable sink option, Schock sinks can also be easily maintained and cleaned. Allowing for their on-trend look to be preserved for years to come. The material is also stain resistant and inert with antibacterial properties, further making it the perfect sink choice to deal with any messy jobs in the laundry.

Schock Sink Options For The Laundry

In a laundry, a large sink is crucial to be able to handle the variety of different jobs required. With this in mind, Schock has created their Virtus Large Bowl. Utilising the Nanogranite® materials mentioned previously, these sinks offer high-end design with stunning crisp lines and a silky smooth finish. An on-trend sink that not only looks great, but it is also very attractively priced. The sink is available in a Onyx (Black), Concrete, Croma and Alpina (White) Finish, allowing for the sink to easily integrate into any laundry room.

Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Onyx Kitchen Sinks
Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Alpina Kitchen Sinks
Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Concrete Kitchen Sinks
Schock virtus Schock Virtus Large Bowl Croma Kitchen Sinks

Balancing aesthetic design with high quality materials, Abey Schock sinks provide the perfect solution for any individual looking to design or renovate their laundry room. It is recommended that it is installed by a qualified and experienced plumber, stonemason or cabinet maker to ensure no issues with the sink. However, it is also important to note that all Schock sinks come with a 25 year warranty, further highlighting the highly durable nature of the product. Visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today, to find out more about how Schock’s laundry sinks can benefit your home.

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