What are the Best Kitchen Sink Brands in Australia?

Chrome double kitchen sink

Sourcing the best kitchen and bathroom products from overseas is our forte. We are renowned for having the largest kitchen sink collection in Australia sourced from quality kitchen sink designers and manufacturers. Let us take you through why we have the best kitchen brands in Australia.

Schock Kitchen Sinks

Schock invented the granite kitchen sink over 40 years ago and has been reinventing it ever since. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the craftmanship and innovation that goes into all its ranges has made Schock a global leader in the manufacturing and development of granite sinks. Research and development are an important aspect of their brand with their engineering team constantly evolving their range with new colour ranges, designs and styles. Schock is the global leader with their sinks being distributed globally. In fact, over 1.5 million Schock Kitchen Sinks are sold globally each year!

Barazza Kitchen Sinks

Italy is the home to quality kitchen manufacturers. Barazza is the quintessential Italian family business who has been designing and manufacturing kitchen sinks since 1968 from Santa Lucia di Piave. Their success has been the result of their choice of high quality stainless steel to manufacture their products, their high-tech manufacturing techniques resulting in a quality stainless steel sink that is second to none. The Barazza Kitchen Sink collection is a modern design range with a premium design. The section includes a variety of stainless steel double and single bowl sinks in numerous sizes.

Chambord Kitchen Sinks

Chambord is a French owned business whose traditional farm-house fireclay sinks are world-renowned. The collection is a harmonious blend of luxury material combined with authentic French expertise. Using century old techniques, Chambord hand craft each of their sinks to a luxury standard that became the centerpiece for any kitchen. Fireclay is the perfect material for the kitchen. It is hygienic, easy to clean and insensitive to temperature. The Chambord sink range is extensive with deep bowls and aesthetics to suite your kitchen design. 

Abey Kitchen Sinks

Manufactured and designed to the world’s highest quality specifications, the Abey Kitchen Sink Collection is a stylish, quality and inspirational kitchen sink range that brings that latest in design and quality to Australia. Product development and a focus on quality are key to the range. The result has been a range that includes a diverse number of shapes, sizes and configurations. To team up your Abey Sink, we also have an exclusive range of accessories from drainer trays, cutting boards and colanders. These are manufactured to fit your desired sink and to optimise the performance of your sink. There is an Abey sink for any design or application!


Each of the sinks we produce come with a comprehensive warranty. Our supported Customer Care team is also just a phone call away if you need assistance or have any questions with your Abey Product.

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