What Are The Different Types of Tapware?

wall mounted bathroom tapware

At Abey Australia, we pride ourselves on bringing the most diverse and quality tapware products to the Australian market. Our complete ranges have been hand-picked from manufactures who lead the world in the design, technology and production techniques.

There are an immense amount of kitchen and bathroom tap options on the market. Choosing the right one to suit your functionality and installation requirements is important.

Floor Mounted Tapware

Floor Mounted Tapware is particularly handy for use with a freestanding bathtub. Also known as Bath Fillers, all of the plumbing for this tapware comes from underneath the floor. This allows for you to have your bathtub anywhere within your bathroom. For installation, your plumber will also need to know the dimensions and details of the bathtub you install to ensure it is completed correctly.

Wall Mounted Tapware

For a space saving option and cleaner look, wall mounted tapware is the solution. Such bathroom tapware can be used for basins as well as bathtubs. Ensuring you get the right sized spout to reach into your basin and bathtub needs to be considered here. At Abey Australia, we have a variety of wall mounted bathroom taps which includes a mixer with a spout as well as a three-piece set.

Mixer Tapware

A mixer tap combines the hot and cold water before it leaves its spout. It is an easy-to-use solution and one of the most popular choices for your bathroom. Bathroom mixer taps can be installed directly on a basin or on the benchtop. In the shower, the use of a shower mixer or mixer with a diverter is a great solution to ensure water is the correct temperature. In all our Abey Australia bathroom mixers and tapware, we have the choice of styles, sizes and finish to suit any solution.

Kitchen Tapware Options

Pull Out versus No Pull Out

Deciding whether you should purchase a pull out or non-pull-out kitchen mixer ultimately depends upon what kitchen sink you have chosen. A pull-out kitchen tap is perfect for those who have a large single bowl sink or more than two bowls. Using the pull out is a handy way to not only clean your pans and vegetables or fruit, it is also a practical way of assisting in washing your sink.

Gooseneck versus Square Neck Spout Shape

As the name suggests, the gooseneck design has a spout that represents a curved design emulating that of a gooseneck. The advantage of this design is that it reduces splashing and makes it easier to use when washing large pots. All the Abey brands have kitchen taps in this shape. The other option is a spout that has a square neck shape. This range is a modern option that works well with a square looking sink.

Swivel Spout

A Kitchen Mixer with a spout that swivels is a must for any kitchen sink. Being able to manoeuvre your spout from one side to the other quickly can be achieved with all of our Abey Kitchen Mixers and Taps. Our range has been designed with practicality in mind. Our website specifications also give you details of the swivel for each of our mixers.

To see the full range of our Kitchen & Bathroom Tapware, call into one of our Abey Selection Galleries to view the full range and see our working tapware displays.

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