What is the Best Kitchen Sink and Tapware Combos?

Kitchen sink and mixer

Bringing the most diverse and quality kitchen sink and tapware products to the Australian market is our forte. All our ranges have been hand-picked from manufactures who lead the world in the design, technology and production techniques. Choosing a kitchen sink and kitchen tap that will work together perfectly is an important combination for any kitchen design. Let us take you through the best sink and tap combinations based upon what sink material you choose to use.

1. Stainless Steel

Within our Stainless Steel sink range, there is a variety of materials that we use. Each of these materials has a kitchen tap combination that will match and work with each sink:

● 304 Stainless Steel. One of the most popular combinations is an Abey Stainless Steel sink with a Gareth Ashton Kitchen Mixer in a Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish. What combination will work for you, really depends on the sink choice and your personal preference. For a sink with two bowls, we recommend using a Gareth Ashton Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer. This type of kitchen mixer will make it easier for cleaning fruit and vegetables and cleaning the sink itself. With all our Gareth Ashton Kitchen Mixers, you also have the choice of a gooseneck or square neck spout. As the name suggests, the gooseneck design has a spout that represents a curved design emulating that of a gooseneck. The advantage of this design is that it reduces splashing and makes it easier to use when washing large pots. The other option is a spout that has a square neck shape. This range is a modern option that works well with a square looking sink.

● 316 Marine Grade. Our Marine Grade 316 sinks are perfect for an outdoor alfresco area. This type of steel is weather resistant and due to the presence of Molybdenum is more resistant to corrosive environments (such as sea water environments). To ensure your kitchen tap also lives up to the weather, we have a range of 316 Kitchen Mixers. These include our Alfresco Laios and Conos ranges and the Gareth Ashton KTA037-316 Kitchen Mixer. 

● PVD ‘Physical Vapor Deposition’ coloured stainless-steel kitchen sinks are available in three different finishes: Artisan Copper, Eureka Gold and Black Pearl in our Piazza Collection. All these finishes add a modern flare to your kitchen design. To compliment each of these sink finishes, we also have matching tapware. This tapware is manufactured using 304 steel, making them particularly heat and corrosive resistant. 

2. Schock Granite

Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 in Germany, where they are still manufactured. Schock Kitchen Sinks are available in two different quartz material styles in an attractive range of colour finishes which includes black, stone, white, concrete and croma.

● Cristadur has a unique silky-smooth finish and allows for the waste kits to be accessorised to match tapware choice. The choice of colours includes Magma (Black), Polaris (White) and Stone.

● Cristalite sinks have a more textured feel to the surface. The colour finishes include Croma, Concrete, Onyx (Black) and Alpina (White). 

To match your sink with your tapware we recommend a few different options:

For our Cristadur kitchen sink range, an Armando Vicario TINK or TINKD sink looks sleek and stylish. These kitchen mixers are available in Black, White, Brushed Nickel or Brushed Gold. If your preference is a chrome finish, the Armando Vicario LUZ kitchen mixer is a favourite amongst designers.

Our Cristalite sink range is available with matching Armando Vicario ISA Taps. The ISA Taps are also available with or without a pull out and have the same finish as your sink in a modern stylish pattern on the tap.

3. Fireclay

Chambord farmhouse kitchen sinks bring a touch of old-time grandeur to your design. The aesthetic of these sinks calls for the perfect tap to match its provincial look and feel. Our Armando Vicario Provincial Collection has a range of kitchen tapware that compliment all the sinks in the range. Each of the mixers is available in a Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Bronze finish to compliment your kitchen aesthetic.

To see the full range of our Kitchen Sinks and Tapware, call into one of our Abey Selection Galleries to view the full range and see our working tapware displays.

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