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White kitchens have been an ever popular choice in a home due to their sleek, bright and fresh look. White kitchens are also highly adaptable and don’t necessarily need to be “all-white” when it comes to design choices.

When looking into a white kitchen design the first thing to keep in mind is the overall theme you are looking to achieve. The use of white can be a great option for traditional, contemporary and even industrial style options. The choice of theme will play a key role in the various choices that you make later on such as colour, materials and even fixtures (ex. ceramic sink vs granite sink). So what ideas are available when it comes to creating the ideal white kitchen?

1. Complimentary White

White can be extremely flexible in nature and is perfect for looking to compliment other aspects of a room. Splashes of colour for example are a great way to add some distinction within a kitchen, highlighting key centrepieces without overpowering the overall white aesthetic. Most commonly this is used on smaller aspects of the kitchen such as seating, sinks or tapware. Another option when it comes to using white is to embrace different coloured materials. Timber is a great example of this where the colour of the timber is not overpowering and blends in well with the white, providing a strong balance between the two looks. 

2. Using Different Materials, Textures & Finishes

As touched on previously, various materials, textures and finishes can also work very well with a white kitchen. These options don’t necessarily need to be drastically different in colour to the white and in many cases can be slight variations. For instance, many marble & stone benchtops provide white colour options with veins that provide a unique distinction between other areas of the kitchen. A glossy finish on a kitchen sink or a backsplash, is another way to help differentiate kitchen sections and provide a more unique overall white kitchen design. 

3. Embrace Colour Contrast

One of the most common uses of a white kitchen is to help highlight big contrasts in the space. This can be both around the kitchen fixtures themselves such as dark cabinets or dark-coloured appliances (dishwasher, fridge, stove top etc). Another option when it comes to providing a contrasting look in the kitchen is to look outside of the functional areas of the kitchen. The floor for instance can offer an opportunity to use dark timber or tiles, which can allow for the user to maintain the overall “all-white” kitchen appearance without feeling like the kitchen blends in too much with its surroundings.

Creating an ideal white kitchen is all down to individual preference, budget and space availability. When undertaking decisions on a white kitchen, be sure to take into account all external factors as these will all play a role in your individual decisions and end product. For more details on creating the ideal white kitchen, visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today.

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