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Chambord LOUIS Single bowl ceramic

$1,461 inc GST

Code No: LOUIS-1W


Manufactured from Fireclay with a porcelain glaze

Insensitive to Temperature

Perfectly Hygienic

One and a half bowls

Overall size L595 x W480 x D220mm

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Over the course of history, France has become synonymous with rich culture and strong heritage which is embodied through the spirit of Chambord. The desire for beautiful French craftsmanship is expressed through each product, from design to manufacturing and from raw materials to the finished product. Chambord have been using the same techniques, precision and pride since 1896. Bringing their product into your kitchen, you are bringing a piece of history and prestige.

These kitchen sinks are made with ceramic, which is an ideal material for the kitchen. It’s easy to clean, insensitive to temperature and effortlessly hygienic. Chambord sinks are statement as well as an object of utility at home in the grandest of kitchens.

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