Lucia Wall Top Assemblies

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Worldly experience has allowed Abey Australia to bring the best in design, manufacturing and quality to Australians. Abey are proud to offer a bathroom and kitchen range that reflects the essence of Global Design. The Gareth Ashton range is a result of over 30 years of our knowledge and experience. Gareth Ashton reflects innovation and global culture and brings together unique design elements to create pieces that have a lasting impression. Possessing a styled minimalism, sleek lines and a balance of organic and angular shapes, the range is the perfect compliment to a modern space. In many ways, the collection is a distillation of what Abey represents: elegance through simplicity, quality, and longevity of design. The Gareth Ashton range achieves this without a shade of pretentiousness, giving it a uniquely Australian flavour that we can’t help but be drawn to.

Characterised by the circle, a subtle element that remains consistant throughout, the Lucia range is both elegant and practical.


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Included Accessories 3 Piece Tapware & Handles
Max. Operating Pressure 500KPA

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