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Are your products Australian made?

We are a manufacturer yes but also an importer of European designer sinks and taps.

What is your Warranty?

Depending on the taps you buy they vary from 1 year to 5 years.

The s/steel sinks have a 25 year warranty.

Where can I purchase Abey product?

All leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers throughout Australia.

How do I clean my sink?

We suggest regular cleaning on a consistent basis using any of the s/steel cleaners available at supermarkets and kitchen supply shops.

Our sinks are made from 304 s/steel so please be careful not use harsh chemicals such as chlorine based detergents which can harm the protective coating s/steel offers.

Remember to always dilute the cleaner well when cleaning your sink never allow the detergent to remain on the surface always wash down the surface of any cleaning detergent residue.

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